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    One of the best ways to explore the immediate future Chinese partners are visiting and / or participation in thematic exhibitions where you can visually compare the manufacturers on the market, providers, consumers, and present their products / services.

    PROGRAM our service provides the following range of services (to choose):

    • Help in ordering rail, cars and tickets for international and domestic flights of China;
    • Booking of hotel rooms in the selected category;,
    • Visa Support;
    • Registration on exhibition;
    • Meeting at the airport, transfers;
    • Translation;
    • Accompanying the exhibition and in negotiations with Chinese partners;
    • Conclusion of agreements;
    • Participation of your company at trade shows in China.

    КАЛЕНДАР ЗАХОДІВ АУКС з організації національних стендів:

    23-26.09.2019 China International Agricultural Trade Fair 2019

    China International Agricultural Trade Fair (CATF) , which will be held from 23 by 26 September 2019 p. in Nanchang (PRC) - Leading professional and fair state level, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic, With more than 16 years of experience and an effective platform for business communication and commerce between suppliers and buyers. And also to meet with officials, leaders of national and local authorities, departments and associations.

    17-21.09.2019 Information and Communication Technology Show (ICTS) and Energy Show

    International exhibition of Information and Communication Technology Show (ICTS) minutes Energy Show, be held 17-21 September 2019 p. in Shanghai (China) within Mizhdunarodnoyi fairs (China International Industry Fair (CIIF). Topics ICTS: Internet industry; Artificial Intelligence; cloud computing and big data; limit calculation; IOT&sensory; communications and network; informational security; smart space; digital production.

    Energy Show - a professional international exhibition, which focuses on new energy, production and distribution of electricity, Electrical Technology and Engineering.

    15-17.04.2019 COTTM 2019 - 15th International Exhibition of foreign tourism

    15-International Exhibition of outbound tourism and foreign travel in China, (China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market (COTTM) will be held in Beijing 15 by 17 April 2019 year. Participating in the exhibition will increase the number of tourists from China to Ukraine and will allow to develop effective business contacts in the Chinese tourism market.

    “HELD” 16-18.04.2018 COTTM 2018 - 14th International Exhibition of foreign tourism

    14-International Exhibition of outbound tourism and foreign travel in China, (China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market (COTTM) will be held in Beijing 16 by 18 April 2018 year. Ukraine will present the third time at the largest tourism fair in China, with the consent of the organizers, National Pavilion will be located in the center of the exhibition hall.


    9-th Fair of Chinese investment abroad (China Overseas Investment Fair – COIFAIR) – 2017, to be held with the support of the Committee on Development and Reform of China in Beijing Exhibition Center in October 2017 year. The fair is a major event in the field of Chinese investment abroad. As part COIFAIR - 2017 organized exhibitions, investment forums, project presentations, business negotiations and high-level meetings. The main partners are the World Bank, World Trade Organization and the United Nations Development Program. It is planned for the Day Ukraine Embassy in Beijing.


    17-and international educational exhibition in China, (China Education Expo – CEE 2017 year). It is the largest international educational event in China, which is held annually in autumn, and covers 4 China's major cities, in particular: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. The exhibition is organized by the China Association for International Exchange in Education (tea), includes more than 40 countries, including the US, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Australia, Israel, Japan, Germany. It has more than 60 000 male, two thirds of which Chinese students college, planning to continue their studies abroad.

    "Held" 29-31.03.2017 COTTM 2017 – 13-International Exhibition of foreign tourism

    13-International Exhibition of outbound tourism and foreign travel in China, (China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market (COTTM) will be held in Beijing 29 by 31 March 2017 year. The exhibition is divided into different topics and individually organized luxury tourism zone – Luxury Tourism Segment.

    "Held" 17-19.05.2017 SIAL CHINA 2017 – 18-and International Food and specialized equipment

    18-and Chinese international exhibition of food products and specialized equipment (The Global Food Marketplace, French: Food International Exhibition, SIAL China) will be held in Shanghai, with 17 by 19 May 2017 year. SIAL CHINA is the Chinese version of the famous Paris exhibition SIAL. International exhibition №1 in China on the subject of food, soft drinks, wines, alcohol and specialized equipment.

    — Other eiyuchi, past and future exhibitions in China filed under “Activity”.

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