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    3 September 2010 The agreement was signed between the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine (TPPU) and the China International Trade Promotion Committee (SSRIT) creation and operation of joint Business Council.

    Ukrainian co-founders of Ukrainian-Chinese Business Council (UKDR) is the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine (TPPU) and the Association of Ukrainian-Chinese Cooperation (AWKS). Ukrainian part UKDR is advisory and consultative body to the CCI Ukraine without legal personality. Members of the Ukrainian UKDR Volunteering can be legal entities entities, registered and operating under the laws in Ukraine.

    In March 2011 in Kiev held a joint inaugural meeting of the Ukrainian-Chinese Business Council with the co-chairmen of the Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Chinese Commission on Cooperation, where Chinese side was represented by Vice-Premier of the State Council (on he hour), and now Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (MAS) Zhang Detszyan.

    The main purpose of the Business Council is to facilitate the development of Ukrainian-Chinese trade and economic relations, diversification of the structure and increase the volume of trade between the two countries, Search and development of optimal models of cooperation, adjustment of industrial-technical and innovative investment cooperation, creating favorable conditions for various commercial areas.

    Joint Business Council, which includes about 100 Ukrainian and 100 Chinese businesses, led by two co-chairman and two deputy heads of the Ukrainian and Chinese sides. Chairman of China Joint Business Council president is the most powerful Chinese state corporation engineering industry SYNOMASH (SINOMACH) P. Ren Honhbyn (Ren Hongbing), a very influential businessman in the rank of State Minister. Ukrainian part of the Joint Business Council was appointed to lead MP (on he hour) Valery Konovalyuk, but today elected known Ukrainian businessman and public figure, Deputy Chairman of the Association "Ukrainian China of partnership" Robert I. Brovdi (elected in July 2015 city), Deputy Head of the Ukrainian still the ambassador of Ukraine in China 1999-2001 years, Chairman of the General Meeting of the Association "Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation" Igor A. Litvin. Another deputy at the time was the first vice-president of CCI Ukraine Victor Yanovsky, and in July 2015 King was elected Valeriy.
    In July 2013 in Kiev hosted the second joint meeting of the Ukrainian-Chinese Business Council, which identified promising ways of cooperation of business circles of both countries and approved the plan of joint activities for the coming years.

    By the results of the intergovernmental Ukrainian-Chinese Business Council include the organization of business trips of delegations of both countries to Ukraine and China, including during the state visit of President of Ukraine to China 2010 and 2013 years, derzhvizytu President of Ukraine to China 2011 year, many trips of regional business leaders, business forums, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, etc.. In particular, provided the design and construction of business circles of Ukraine offers to implement a comprehensive five-year program format of strategic partnership between Ukraine and China, initiated and ensured visits to Ukraine authorized delegation of the China People's Association for Friendship with foreign countries (2011 g.), People's Government of Guangdong Province (2011-2013), People's Government of Shandong Province (2012), People's Government of Sichuan Province (2012), China National Corporation of foreign economic cooperation (Kyivshchyna, Lugansk, Cherkassy and Ivano-Frankivsk region, 2011-2013 years., including the preparation and signing of relevant documents on cooperation with regional administrations),

    China National Corporation for hydroelectric engineering and construction "Sinohidro" (Kiev, Cherkasy, Dnipropetrovsk, 2011-2012), Chinese corporation for the production of special construction machinery «SANY» (2011-2012), Chinese corporation for production drilling and mining equipment «Hong Hua» (2011-2012), initiated and ensured the participation of many Ukrainian Chinese corporate delegations in international export and import trade shows, and agricultural exhibitions- and the food in the cities. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong province (including vsesvitnovidomu exposure SANTON FAIR), Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Fujian (2011-2013 years.), including the use of "Day of Ukrainian vodka" in m.Shanhay (lyst.2012 p.) etc..

    Joint Business Council, as a real interaction site business circles of Ukraine and China, has great potential for further adjustment, development and diversification of various effective cooperation at business venture, Location, Location, and will be going for constant and attentive assistance of the government of China, which means adequate security and executive discipline in the process of doing business with commercial PRC.


    Members of the Joint UKRAINIAN-China Business Council

    1. Association of Ukrainian-Chinese Cooperation represented by Chairman Robert Brovdi Osipovich and Chairman of the General Meeting of Lytvyn Igor Antonovich.
    2. Limited Liability Company anthracite Trans, Agent Platonov Artem Y..
    3. Corporation Granite represented by General Director Viktor Nikolaevich Vydrenka and Deputy Director General Bambizo Polycarp Y..
    4. Limited Liability Company KTS Group represented by commercial director Alexei Stanislavovich Bilozerova.
    5. Lawyers' union Vasil Kisil & Partners represented Borodkin Alexander Ivanovich partner and manager of customer Lydia Hudir-Porytsk.
    6. Limited Liability Company “EUROPIYEN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT” represented by Director General Vadim Anatolievich Brayilovskoho.
    7. Limited Liability Company “Cherkasy solar power” represented by co-owner Igor Bratchenko.
    8. Limited Liability Company “Lending Activity Ryeklama”, Agent Voschynska Marina S..
    9. Limited Liability Company “Course”, Agent Hrytsiuk Guyana Y..
    10. Limited Liability Company “HBO “osteosynthesisNANO” Thick in the person of Vladimir Osipovich.
    11. Limited Liability Company “Arte SYSTEMS” Dubina in the person of George V..
    12. Limited Liability Company “Sinvey Ukraine” represented by the Executive Director of Hope Yevtushenko Anatoliyivna.
    13. Public Company “NPP “SATURN” represented adviser Zhukaryeva CEO Alexander Alexandrovich.
    14. Limited Liability Company “Icebreaker” represented the owner Zvanskoho Alexander G..
    15. Limited Liability Company “Global COMMUNICATION”, Agent Kabatina Larisa.
    16. Limited Liability Company “Liter” represented by Vice-President Valery Kermasova Ihorovych.
    17. Limited Liability Company “ten of 10”, Agent-Julay Klimenko Ekaterina V..
    18. Limited Liability Company “WITH.Myerch”, Agent Marina A. Krasin.
    19. Limited Liability Company VVTGroup Levchenko represented by President Vitaly Sergeyevich.
    20. CHAO “Ukraine International Airlines” represented by the head of the sales department in Ukraine Liakhovich Christina Ivanovna.
    21. Association of business cooperation Ukraine and the ASEDP” represented Matsapura representative Olga,
    22. Limited Liability Company Torhsystema, Agent Michael I. Mirza.
    23. Limited Liability Company “Beata-PLUS” in the person of Victor Mitkevycha Fridovycha authorized person Zakharchenko and Igor Mikhailovich.
    24. Limited Liability Company "Ukr-China Kommunikeyshin" represented Administrative Director Netrebskoyi Ganna and PR-manager Arthur Zviryanskoho Ihorovych.
    25. «Ukrainian Fashion Week» represented by the Deputy Director - General Producer Vladimir Stepanovich Nechiporuk.
    26. Limited Liability Company “Lekhim” represented by Director of Logistics and Procurement Association Nikitina Angela Anatoliyivna.
    27. Limited Liability Company “Group of companies “Santino”” represented by Director Vitaliy V. Oleynik.
    28. Ukrainian-Chinese Association of Commonwealth represented by Vice-President Vitaliy Nikolayevich Povh.
    29. Individual entrepreneur Alexei Popov.
    30. Limited Liability Company “G.N.T. UNION GROUP” represented by Director Postol Ganna and authorized person Birin Dmytro.
    31. Group of companies “hertz” Oral represented by the president of Alexander.
    32. Limited Liability Company “Advertising field”, Agent Sergey Safronov.
    33. Association of Business Cooperation “Kyiv-Beijing” represented by the Executive Director of the Association Volkov Vladimir Vasilievich.
    34. Individual entrepreneur Yuri Syerohin.
    35. National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" represented by the chief of the foreign economic activity department of international cooperation NTU "KPI" Andrei Pavlovich Shysholin.
    36. D.P. "Vuglesintezgaz" represented Suprun Andrew G..
    37. Limited Liability Company “Granum Invest”, authorized persons Tymkiv Vitaly S..
    38. Limited Liability Company “Santino Media”, Agent Tkach Oksana I..
    39. Limited Liability Company “Deloks”, Agent Todorova Tatiana.
    40. Limited Liability Company “Rixos”, Agent Nikolai Toropov.
    41. Limited Liability Company “BUDAINVEST” represented by General Director Sergey Nikolayevich Fedoseyev.
    42. Limited Liability Company Engineering company New Energy Technologies represented by the Deputy Commercial Director Frolova Julia Nadia.
    43. Law firm “asters” represented by senior partner Armen Khachaturyan G. Marichev advisor and Dmitry E..
    44. Limited Liability Company “tippers Trading”, Agent Hohulov Vitaly.
    45. Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, in the person of the corporation “Science park”Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University”” Chernyuk Vitaly Ivanovich.
    46. Limited Liability Company “Informmash” represented by Director Yuri Chukhai.
    47. "Antonov" Plant, Agent Dennis Shafranov.
    48. Limited Liability Company “Marx Ukraine”, Agent Shyverska Yaroslav A..
    49. Limited Liability Company“Ukrhreyn Shipping”, Agent Oleg Schurin.
    50. Limited Liability Company “anthracite Capandside”, Agent Natalia Yatsyuk.
    51. Ukrainian-Chinese Center, represented by Director General Guan Syanmey.
    52. Center for International Economic Cooperation of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, represented by Director Alla Shapovalova.
    53. Limited Liability Company Indoor Maxi, Agent Smilyanets Alexander I..
    54. Limited Liability Company Sargon Ukraine, Agent Balyan Suren Norayrovych.
    55. Limited Liability Company Chicken Kyiv, Agent Popova Olga Ivanovna.
    56. Limited Liability Company “PTSRT REHIONEKOTUR” represented by Director General Vladimir Petrovich Kylyvnyka.
    57. Limited Liability Company KYYIVSPETSBUDAgent Arthur I. Shcherbakov.