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  • About us / General Information

    Association "Ukrainian- Chinese cooperation "is an association of legal entities, establishing, support, contribute, or seek to promote the establishment and development of relations of cooperation between agencies, institutions, organizations, institutions and other entities of Ukraine and the People's Republic of China.

    The Association carries on independent entrepreneurship, not establishing co-founder and not business entities.

    The Association and its members do not carry out any concerted action, which may restrict competition between members of the Association.

    The goals and objectives of the Association

    The main goals and objectives of the Association provide for the development and improvement areas, forms and means of large-scale mutually beneficial cooperation between Ukraine and China in various fields, such as economy and finance, Education and science, culture, sport and art, as well as in other areas by further establishing effective cooperation between relevant Chinese and Ukrainian institutions of all forms of ownership and activities, which are not prohibited by the legislation of both countries.


    Subject Business Association

    The object of the Association is helping, coordination and protect the interests of its members in the exercise of economic and social activity, which is the result of collaboration between business partners, legal entities of Ukraine and China.



    The association is free for admission of new members.