Association of
  • membership AUX / Rules of entry

    Association members can be any legal entity - a business entity of any ownership form, which established, supports, helps, or seeks to encourage the establishment and development of relations of cooperation between agencies, institutions, organizations, institutions and other entities of Ukraine and the People's Republic of any form of ownership, and who agrees to serve, upon which lay the founding documents of the Association, and pay membership fees.

    Requirements of Association, and the procedure for entry or exit from the Association determined by the Regulations on membership in the Association, other acts of Association.

    Admission to the Association on the basis of statements, submitted to the President of Board members.

    Membership is considered acquired upon payment of a candidate, the provisions of the membership fees, entrance fee and membership fee.

    To join the Association applicant shall submit the following documents:

    • statement addressed to the Chairman of the Board in the prescribed form;
    • copy of state registration of a business or entity, certified own seal;
    • copies of documents with all amendments and supplements at the time of application, certified own seal (statute (position), memorandum (if any);
    • certificate and document statistics, confirming the authority of the head, certified own seal;
    • information about the main activities of the applicant, set out on the letterhead in any form.

    Claim your desire to join the ranks of the Association of Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation can filling electronic statement and send it to the address We certainly will get in touch with you to coordinate further action.