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  • Services / Cargo delivery 7-13 days


    We offer you reliable shipping of goods from China to Ukraine

    with an average delivery time – for 7-13 days, which is optimal

    for Client by price and delivery time.

    Delivery cost from China to RECIPIENT

    • textile, clothing, bags, shoes are not brand - cost upon request
    • textile, clothing, bags, Footwear brand - price on request
    • household goods, no brand, no electricity - the price on request
    • household goods brand - cost upon request
    • not simple electronics brand - price on request
    • electronics to 100 euro brand (without batteries) - price on request
    • electronics to 100 euro brand (without batteries) – price on request
    • difficult, expensive equipment and expensive electronics - price on request
    • Products with high capacity batteries – price on request
    • products from small capacity batteries (Delivery may be lower or increase) - price on request
    • mobile phone, no brand – price on request
    • mobile phone, brand – price on request
    • PK, tablet, no brand – price on request
    • PK, tablet, brand – price on request
    • to leather 100 euro (jackets, coats) -vartist on request
    • to fur 100 euro – price on request
    • fur more 100 euro – price on request
    • cosmetics (except liquids) - price on request
    • Watches are not brand, без батарейок – вартість за окремим запитом
    • brand watches without batteries – price on request
    • food (type align product) - price on request
    • nutritional supplements – price on request
    • medical products,not subject lizenzuvannyu (lenses, syringes, bandages, etc.) - price on request
    • tea, coffee – price on request
    • fluid (paints,ink) – price on request

    Prices are at a density of 167 kg / m³

    All conditions suggest sending agree with the company's employees in connection with their possible changes.


    Please note, that when receiving goods warehouse staff will inspect and possibly repackaging.
    In order, for your departures to be carried out promptly,, it is important, that you provide a complete and detailed description of the cargo.

    * The service is provided by the company, which is a partner of AUKS.

    +38 (063) 502 89 29

    If you called us on weekends or after 18:00 and you have not answered, We apologize and we ask you to call back during business hours.

    ALSO, You can upload APPLICATION FOR DEPARTURE, Fill it and send to our e-mail. DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION HERE

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