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  • Services / Services for members AUKS

    THE EXTENT OF SERVICE MEMBERS AUKS provide for such development opportunities:

    Services, provided through membership fees
    Lobbying, committees
    Lobbying and provide necessary assistance in establishing business relations with relevant public and private institutions of Ukraine and China, including government regulators and local authorities.
    Lobbying interests of AUKS in the economy, Business and management to establish and develop favorable conditions for business related to China in Ukraine.
    recommendations in establishing relations with businesses, regulators and local authorities.
    Members are able AUKS join in committees towards his colleagues, organize thematic forums and meetings, which will be able to discuss and solve current issues, share experiences, establish new contacts.
    Resolving issues members AUKS the profile of the industry by attracting specialized committees created by members and partners of the Association.
    Spread applications, returns, refutations, open letters to members of the Association and AUKS, the possibility, if necessary, receive support from members of the Association AUKS directly in the open / formal declaration of his position (open letter, appeal to government agencies, etc.).
    Organization of special meetings between leadership of AWKS, its members and member companies, partners, Customer / performers, friendly structures AUKS (as in China, and in Ukraine).
    Consultation and participation in training AUKS regulations of various industries and facilitate the application of these regulations in the PRC and Ukraine.
    Members have right to vote at the General Meeting and their representatives to be elected to the Board AUKS, authorities Association.
    Partner support, information support, promotional services
    Assistance in implementation of Ukrainian or joint projects with Chinese partners (related to relations with China) in China and Ukraine in various economic sectors, trade, finances, industry, agriculture, science, education, culture, tourism, sports etc..
    Participation in the organization measures initiated by members AUKS.
    Granting the list of potential partners for the relevant Ukrainian or Chinese organizations, legal entities, operating in the market of China or Ukraine.
    Granting statistics general of the various sectors of the economy, business and management in China. Form of information - a standard form associations.
    The total Advisory services issues in different directions within the statutory activities of the Association.
    Information of tenders for the purchase of the goods and services.
    Providing the information available to attract investment from China to implement Ukrainian or joint projects with Chinese partners in different industries: trade, finances, industry, agriculture, science, education, culture, tourism, sports, etc. in Ukraine.
    Targeted distribution of information on members AUKS among potential partners, investors, customers, who are members / partners / friendly structures using AUKS news website and newsletters via email.
    Placement of company name and logo business directories and other printed materials Association.
    Location information Company in the section "The list of AUKS" on the website of the Association.
    Spread objective analytical materials sectoral experts and analysts from members AUKS.
    Assist in the preparation of market reviews various industries China.
    Target search partners in their respective fields AUKS, help finding specialists employed in the Member AUKS.
    Distribution of information of the company at events, organized by Association.
    Placing banners Online Association.
    Placing information / logos members AUKS / banners partner sites.
    Placing his own page of the site Association under "Information Member AUKS"
    Logo on promotional materials while consistent with previous AUKS.
    Targeted search, sampling and analysis of products / services in China, Searching for specific research request, processing of information on products / services, producers and working conditions of their, study specified industries, Target market surveys, etc..
    Addressing issues concerning the execution of work permits to foreigners Ukraine (document preparation and assistance in obtaining visas).
    Organization of business trips from Ukraine to China, and vice versa. We offer a complete informational and consultative support, scheduling and travel route, selection of airline tickets and hotel, organization of a guide-interpreter in China, etc..
    Placing information on AUKS member online Association in the section "Information Member AUKS".
    Dissemination of information on services and products among partners and members of the Association.
    Advisory services on air travel, money transfers from / to China, brokerage services, in the procurement of goods in China, text translation.

    The appropriate discount rate for the type of membership.

    Brokerage, release for free circulation of goods previously imported or things, the continuation and / or closure of the temporary admission, decision customs clearance for exports and imports, Optimization of customs duties.
    Preparation of documents and assistance obtaining visas; consultancy, providing current list and preparing documents for submission to the Consulate; fill in the application form; Consultation on paper invitations and all related documents.


    Services, provided through targeted contributions *
    Participation in the collective stand with the support of the exhibitions and forums Ukraine.

    The appropriate discount rate for the type of membership.

    Preparation of investment projects (develop letters conditions (term sheet; development investment memorandum; develop short information memorandum (teaser).
    Implementation of activities for the promotion of Ukrainian goods and services on the market of China and Chinese goods and services in Ukraine, including exhibition, conference, workshops, presentations, promotions etc..
    Information about members in materials, granted by the Association, for placement in print, television and electronic media (with prior approval of revisions).


    Discount system privileges
    Discount program, AUKS giving members a range of benefits and discounts in different areas of service delivery: logistical services, assistance in purchasing goods in China, flight, security, advertising and marketing services etc..

    * When targeted contributions implied decimal discounts discount program, cover the cost of services partners, etc..


    When joining the Association, each company pays Entry fee (one time) and

    The annual contribution

    Annual membership fees Each company pays according to its type of membership selected at will:

    The annual contribution

    Entry fee
    2000 u.o.

    200 u.o.

    Entrance and annual fees are paid in UAH according to NBU rate $1 USA at the time of invoicing. One standard unit is $1 USA.

    But it is not a complete list of membership benefits AUKS. For more information please contact us by phone (044) 285 70 52 or by e-mail: