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    Preparation for participation of Ukrainian stand at international fairs and ICTS Energy Show


    Sino-Ukrainian Association Cooperation is actively preparing the participation of Ukrainian companies in the national collective stand at international fairs Information and Communication Technology Show (ICTS) minutes Energy Show (IS), be held 17-21 September 2019 p. in Shanghai (China) within Mizhdunarodnoyi fairs (China International Industry Fair (CIIF).

    This is a complex event, that unite 9 large industrial exhibitions: IAS – Industrial Automation Exhibition; NEAS – Exhibition of new energy vehicles on; IS – Exhibition of new energy; MWCS 2019 – exhibition of metal and CNC machines; EPTES – Exhibition of technologies and equipment for environmental protection; STIS – exhibition of scientific and technological innovation; RS 2019 – Exhibition of industrial robots; NMIS – Exhibition of new materials; ICTS – exhibition of information and communication technologies.

    ICTS - Exhibition of national class, whose purpose is the approximation of market supply and demand information technologies, and providing effective B2B platform for international exhibitors and visitors. In September 2019 ICTS was focused their attention on the topic “Industry Online”, focusing on the trends of the new generation of information technology in the Internet World Wide Web. ICTS provides great industrial importance of the Internet as a key technology, Traditional production leading to the complex relationship people, machines and materials, and the widespread use of digital technologies in intellectual development.

    Thematic sections: Internet industry; Artificial Intelligence; cloud computing and big data; limit calculation; IOT&sensory; communications and network; informational security; smart space; digital production.

    ICTS 2019

    Energy Show - a professional international exhibition, which focuses on new energy, production and distribution of electricity, Electrical Technology and Engineering.

    IS 2018, 5-day event, which drew 231 of exhibitors 14 countries and 174 118 visitors from 83 countries . As for professional visitors, they represent 26 areas, including engineering and production, electricity and electrical, automotive, light engineering, etc..

    As professional visitors invited civil servants, responsible for energy management, industry associations and business leaders.

    Thematic sections: new energy technologies and equipment (power equipment, renewable energy, transformation, distribution, storage, transmission and conduction energy, Alternative Energy Sources, Electric and Electronic Devices); network technology and equipment (technology and equipment intelligent networks; cable, accessories and related production equipment, supervisory system power); energy management (digital power, Control and measuring devices, solutions for storage and data transfer, energy efficiency and energy services, energy saving and environmental protection, intellectual transformation of energy systems production, building automation).

    IS 2019It is 2019_1

    The joint holding several exhibitions provide an ideal interaction between representatives from various industries and create added value for exhibitors and visitors of the event.


    With early booking seats in June and July discounts. Under the terms of participation, please contact the Department of international events AUKS.

    Contact person - Marina Vus

    mob. (063) 234 94 79


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