Association of

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    State Council of the People's Republic of China

    MAS (Vsekytayski People's Congress)

    NPKRK (People's Political Consultative Council of China)


    MINISTRY China

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China

    Ministry of commerce

    Ministry of Finance of China

    Ministry of Labor and Social Security of China

    The Ministry of Education of China

    Ministry of Science and Technology of China

    Ministry of Public Security of China

    China's Ministry control

    Ministry of Civil Administration of China

    China's Ministry of Justice

    Ministry of Personnel of China

    The Ministry of Land and Natural Resources of China

    China's Ministry of Construction

    China's Ministry of Communications

    China's Ministry of Informatics

    Ministry of Agriculture of China

    The Ministry of Culture of China

    The Ministry of Health of China


    State Committee demographic policy and planned procreation

    The State Audit Office of China

    Committee of the State Council of the control and management of state property

    General Customs Administration of China

    State tax administration

    State Department of Environmental Protection

    Department of Civil Aviation

    State Department of Broadcasting, Film and TV

    Chief State Department of Physical Education and Sport

    State Statistical Office

    State Industrial and Commercial Administrative Management

    State Administration of Press and Printing

    State Forestry Administration

    General public administration quality control, inspection and quarantine

    China's State Administration of the Food and Drug Administration

    State Department of Intellectual Property

    State Department of Tourism

    The Office of the State Council institutions

    State Department control over safety at work

    Committee for control over securities

    Committee on the control and management of insurance

    State Committee for control and management of banking

    State Committee on management of electricity grid industry

    The state oceanographic administration

    State Department exchange control

    State Department of ancient monuments

    Public administration astronautics

    State Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    State Department of Geodesy and Cartography

    State Administration of Light Industry

    The State Office for Nuclear Power