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    China Wind Power (CWP) 2020

    China has huge offshore wind energy resources. Sea wind farms are compared to coal undeniable advantages – environmentally friendly, stability, high speed, not occupy land, energy consumption close.
    International Conference and Exhibition of wind energy offshore wind technology China Wind Power Conference & Exhibition 2020 or CWP 2020 will be held this year from 14 by 16 October in Beijing.
    Thanks to the three leading groups of Chinese and international wind energy – World Council of wind energy Global Wind Energy Council, Chinese Industry Association Renewable Energy China Renewable Energy Industry Association, Chinese Wind Power Association China Wind Energy Association – China Wind Power (CWP) is an annual event, which brings together leading manufacturers and companies of this industry. The exhibition will feature the latest technology and design.

    The exhibition will be wind energy conference, which act as leading figures and businessmen region. discuss issues, problems associated with wind energy, will be considered the latest developments and technical equipment, and their functionality.

    Country, city: China, Beijing

    Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)

    Periodicity: annually

    Dates: 14.10.2020 — 16.10.2020

    The exhibition: 9.00-16.30, last day 9.30-14.30

    Organizers: Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), CCID Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    before going to check information about the exhibition on its official websiteand

    Major product groups: marine research (offshore) wind energy resources, rating / designing / construction of wind farms, laying of submarine cables, offshore installation vessels and platforms, operational offshore engineering equipment and special tools, corrosion technology, protection, maintenance and repair, materials, Electricity technology and basic equipment for wind farms, and more.


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