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    5G network with mobile phone isolated on white background 3D rendering

    5G: hypothetical threat or new opportunities?


    A few facts about 5G security standards and the possibilities of new technology from the CEO “Ericsson Ukraine” Yaroslav Nicek. Пандемія COVID-19 змусила багатьох адаптуватися до дистанційної роботи, training and even entertainment. Apparently, this is the one “sacred” digitalization, which we have been waiting for so long. However, internet users, constantly being in home Wi-Fi- and mobile networks, збільшили навантаження на […]Read more ...


    How a pandemic will change cities: six aspects


    Throughout human history, pandemics have significantly affected the development of megacities. COVID-19 не є виключенням. Diseases shape cities. Some of the most significant events in the field of urban planning and management, example, creation of the London Metropolitan Workers' Council and the sewerage of London, became a response to cholera outbreaks in the 1850s, that took away 10 thousand lives. Now to the list of infectious diseases, […]Read more ...


    It is worth worrying about, that will take the place of globalization


    Ще до пандемії COVID-19 глобалізація була в біді. Open trading system, which has dominated the world economy for decades, suffered from financial collapse and the Sino-US trade war. Now she has a fever from the third blow in a dozen years, as restrictive measures closed borders and destroyed trade. The number of passengers in Heathrow decreased by 97% on an annualized basis. Експорт автомобілів з […]Read more ...


    Which countries are the first to accept foreign tourists against the backdrop of a pandemic


    Paolo Gentiloni, European Commissioner for Economic Affairs and Finance, stated, that Europe, like the whole world, is experiencing an unprecedented economic shock since the Great Depression. 6 In May, the European Commission released an economic forecast, according to which the coronavirus pandemic will turn for the eurozone “recession of historical scale”. How quickly countries will be able to recover from the recession, also depends on the resumption of tourist flows, consider […]Read more ...


    China is close to launching the world's first official digital currency


    Gradually, the Central Bank of China is getting more opportunities to track and control the use of funds. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the work of Central Banks even more intense. Along with the infusion of large sums of money into the financial system, they are literally “laundered huge sums”. From America to South Korea, central banks quarantine and disinfect potentially contaminated banknotes. Такі клопоти повинні ще більше […]Read more ...


    The world after the coronavirus: survey analysis


    24 April Valery Pekar, Ukrainian businessman and public figure, co-founder of the Civic Platform “New Country”, проводив великий вебінар на майданчику Києво-Могилянської бізнес-школи на тему «Світ після коронавірусу» на основі матеріалів цієї статті, цього виступу та ще кількох публікацій. The webinar was a record: generally attended about 1300 people, part through Zoom, part via YouTube. Я не міг […]Read more ...


    Remedies for physicians: with the help of volunteers - Ukraine copes


    Bathrobes, masks, glasses, shoe covers - all this is already in the Ukrainian physicians. And enough of them, if we avoid the negative scenario. Sociology is a science of inertia. The last one (the end of the first decade of April) poll, conducted by KIIS, revealed, what 70% its participants consider, that the authorities did not cope with the provision of personal protective equipment to physicians (YOU) and only 12% респондентів дотримуються протилежної […]Read more ...


    How will the Ukrainian crisis differ from the crisis in the world


    Small businesses have already lost their profits and part of their employees, big business and the fate of the state budget are in jeopardy. We desperately need strategies. Нехай вони й будуть короткотермінові Чим довший карантин, the more bad things are in business. Opendatabot, platform for working with open government data, launched a separate free coronavirus notification service in Ukraine. Наразі ресурс вже […]Read more ...


    80 facts about coronavirus: most important


    Around much information about coronavirus, that it can easily drown. Key facts, you need to know about coronavirus. Fact 1. Covid-19 і SARS-CoV-2 – not the same. Covid-19 – disease (D – reduction of disease), caused by a new coronavirus. SARS-2 – the name of the virus. Fact 2. the – reduction of CoronaVirus, coronavirus. So […]Read more ...


    Hope vs koronakryza


    Less than two months forced koronakryza review, and then check again all economic forecasts. Even today revised forecasts certainly inadequate. No one knows, how long will last outbreak, when in different countries, including in Ukraine, remove quarantine, when restored interstate and internal transportation. Our export potential, essentially, визначає […]Read more ...


    Tests coronavirus: how they differ


    Rapid tests in Ukraine will soon become much, but they are not a panacea to identify coronavirus. Recently it became known, що в Україні в Інституті молекулярної біології і генетики НАН України розробили власну тест-систему для діагностики коронавірусу 2019 peak, and the test system is already preparing for industrial production. According to the press service of the National Academy of Sciences, робота над нею тривала з січня […]Read more ...


    The global economic crisis is unlikely – analyst J. P. Morgan


    Global economy under stress: eleven era of growth in world stock markets ended, and now their day fever, oil becomes cheaper, WHO declared pandemic epidemic coronavirus, country one after another, establish quarantines and logistical constraints, began serious talk of sovereign defaults. By all indications - the beginning of the global economic crisis, про ймовірність якої світ не перший рік попереджають […]Read more ...


    Why there was a "black" Monday on world markets?


    Monday, 9 March, world markets of raw stirred a wave of falling oil prices - it is a record in nearly 30 years. Aggravated the situation and the fall in financial markets, which lasts for several weeks in a row, causing losses to investors trillion. News of the oil market are reflected in the Russian economy - almost 10% ruble fell. Коронавірусна […]Read more ...


    How green tariff change worsens investment climate in Ukraine


    Foreign investors wind and solar energy warning, Ukraine risks that international arbitration and outflow of foreign investors. The government retroactively urizuye "green tariffs", making commissioning of power plants dependent on government and semi imposes delays to connection of renewable energy. "Ukraine announced plans to reduce the FIT rate feedback», — говорить стаття в журналі PV […]Read more ...


    What economic strategy-2024 differs from the 2020 strategy?


    Recently the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and agriculture presented the government's economic strategy of Ukraine for the five coming years – to 2024 year "Economic strategy: growth through investment " (let's call it “VVP + 40%”). Recall, that previous similar program “Sustainable Development Strategy 2020” was introduced at the end 2014 Fifth, the team president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. If you follow the logic, то сталість […]Read more ...


    Munich Security Conference – constructed and discussed the future identity of the West


    Organizers another Munich Security Conference, held February 14-16, offered as a key discussion topic artificial word “bezzahidnist”. Investment in this sense - and the loss of the West decisive influence on world development, and the dissolution of the Western identity. One could say, What is it all about the same multipolarity, only in perspective. Але ідея глибша — прозвучало […]Read more ...


    Global "koronakryza", or how much it cost new antivirus


    Наслідки коронавірусу — чи витримає світова економіка тиск, and that the scale of the disaster for Ukraine? This question will help answer Ruslan Spivak – PhD in Economics, директор корпоративного бізнесу в Райффайзен Банк Аваль (Ukraine). Нас уже досить давно привчили до того, що в умовах нової реальності події глобального масштабу змінюються з невловимою швидкістю. Лише кілька тижнів тому весь світ укотре балансував над […]Read more ...


    Five major competitors Trump: Why wait for Ukraine in case of change of US President


    chaos, mess, uncertainty - in such circumstances, the Democratic Party began to choose their opponents in the election of Donald Trump 2020. The reason - a serious delay in the counting of votes in Iowa, where on Monday held the first caucus, that party members vote, where those elected presidential candidate. Instead of the expected hours of vote counting dragged on through the night. At the headquarters urging Democrats, […]Read more ...


    З якою економікою Україна починає рік


    Поширені кліше про те, що українські промисловість і виробництво — це “червоні директори” та дотаційні заводи, лише додають нам загроз, притупляючи больовий поріг. Жоден у новій владі не здригнувся від звістки про спад у промисловості. А дарма. Люди мають щось одягати, щось їсти і купувати самокати. Якщо ми не вироблятимемо всього цього, для нас це […]Read more ...


    About Ukraine in Davos - investments in infrastructure, green tariff and problems with the State


    Lack of "functioning, налагодженого державного управління» затримує видачу вже затверджених кредитів Європейського інвестиційного банку Україні на суму €4 млрд, — повідомив Українському дому в Давосі Жан-Крістоф Лалу, Bank CEO. Noting, only € 2 billion of $6 billion approved credits allocated. He also said, що Україні необхідно інвестувати в державне управління. "People need to pay enough, that they did career, а не йшли […]Read more ...


    As AliExpress Ukraine became the second largest buyer ascending order


    Українці через онлайн-замовлення купують у Китаї масу дешевих товарів — від косметики до смартфонів і одягу. І стали другою нацією у світі за зростанням замовлень на гігантському маркетплейсі AliExpress. 32 млн поштових відправлень із Китаю — ледь не по одному на кожного українця. This result for the 2019 year showed Ukraine, продовжуючи скуповуватися на китайських сайтах ще більшими темпами. Доступні ціни та зручність головного з них — глобального […]Read more ...


    The negative balance of foreign trade increased significantly


    The negative balance of foreign trade in goods 10 months 2019 year was 8,46 billion, on 460,3 million more than in the same period last year. Про це повідомляє Державна служба статистики. “In January-October 2019 the export of goods amounted to 41 645,2 million. USA, or 107,4% compared to January-October 2018 year, import - 50 108,3 million […]Read more ...


    Do threaten new world trade war?


    The World Trade Organization for the first time 25 years of existence, faced with such a crisis – activities of its Appellate Body has blocked Washington. Why? What is the current problem of WTO? World Trade Organization (COURT) – international organization, regulating world trade, services and intellectual property, – found itself in crisis. WTO Appellate Body, revising decisions, ухвалені Органом […]Read more ...


    Hong Kong protests: China's influence, USA, Canada and the position of the Ukrainian authorities


    The Hong Kong government proposed Bill, which allows the extradition of possible perpetrators in mainland China, which led to the first protests. protesters believe, that the law puts Hong Kong under the jurisdiction of the central government and undermine the autonomy of the city, civil rights and human. As a local solution could escalate into a confrontation of superpowers and intercontinental war sanctions? Про це пише В’ячеслав Лисенко на своїй […]Read more ...


    Where to find new opportunities for agricultural exporters


    Зовнішня торгівля значною мірою впливає на зростання ВВП нашої країни. So, Agriculture, which generates 17% GDP Ukraine, also is an export-oriented industry. If we analyze the dynamics of growing grains and oilseeds, can be seen, that the rate of yield in Ukraine continues to grow. According to forecasts of market operators, grain exports from Ukraine in the coming years could reach 70 million tons. […]Read more ...


    Why do we develop artificial intelligence and how it threatens us


    Short: — що таке штучний інтелект і чому його поки не існує — навіщо нам потрібен штучний інтелект — чи можуть люди бути формою штучного інтелекту З огляду на те, скільки часу людина проводить у гаджетах — світ уже поневолений технологіями. But, some scientists are seriously discussing the possibility of an uprising of machines and the emergence of artificial intelligence (далі — ШІ), який ступить на стежку війни з людьми. Просунутий […]Read more ...


    What may be to Ukraine 2030 year


    Центр високих технологій і логістичний хаб із низькими податками та великими ресурсами — такою Україна може стати вже до 2030 year, пише журнал НВ. Але тільки якщо топ-чиновники вийдуть за межі звичного їм мікропланування і почнуть ставити перед собою і країною амбітні й довгогральні завдання. *** На календарі — 31 December 2030 year. Ukraine exports billions of cubic meters of gas to Europe, економіка […]Read more ...


    China has become a major business partner of Ukraine


    China is the most important business partner of Ukraine. Countries are ready to attack each other's markets, у китайців це виходить краще, More about this magazine writes NV. not Russia, не Польща, не США, not Germany, а Китай відтепер найбільший діловий партнер України. Торговий оборот між Києвом і Пекіном виходить на історичний максимум — майже $11 billion on the basis of 2019-th, що випливає з даних українського Держкомстату за перше півріччя. […]Read more ...


    When “Visa-free” EU for Ukrainian technology products


    Ukraine exports to the EU mainly raw materials. What hinders sell domestic goods with high added value? In this regard Oleg Mirus versed expert on foreign economic issues. Тенденція зменшення питомої ваги товарів з високою доданою вартістю в українському експорті триває з часів здобуття Україною незалежності. Back in 2007 in the structure of our supply machinery and equipment […]Read more ...


    How to revive the transit potential of Ukraine?


    Strengthening economic rivalry between Europe and Asia significantly alters the role of transit states, fated located between the two economic development. Unfortunately, many Ukrainian politicians are still trying to attract the attention of Europeans, mainly showing new “European shaft” the eastern border of Ukraine. Transatlantic and European security community, in particular, such “shaft” не потрібен — їм […]Read more ...


    Will Georgia Chinese investment


    Georgia hopes the flow of Chinese investment. To this end, it has created favorable conditions, urizavshy taxes, reducing bureaucracy and corruption vykorinyvshy, but one that is not enough to attract Chinese business. So the question that the main Chinese? Про це повідомляє, з посиланням на оригінал (Internet publication based in New York City, network support funds “Open society”). Відвідавши найбільший торговий […]Read more ...


    US Trade War: The impact on the global economy


    It is hard to overestimate the impact of trade wars on global growth. they, apparently, have in common. They start, to protect their producers. Pay consumers are War, and earn their budgets both States Parties, collecting duties. Most wars do not achieve the declared purpose and end time, when the state reconciled with the status quo. Під будь-яку важливу подію в світовій […]Read more ...


    Ukraine updated record imports vegetables and potatoes


    Analysts say EastFruit, in season 2018/19 years (August – July) imports of vegetables in Ukraine significantly exceeded the previous record, which held nine years – the season 2009/10 years. While imports of vegetables in the country for the first time exceeded the season 200 th. tons and was 208,5 th. tone. Ever since, обсяг імпорту овочів навіть не наближався до […]Read more ...


    As different countries belong to the technological progress


    The company Lenovo released the results of its own investigation of the role of technology in life, education and society. The survey covered more than 15 thousands of people from around the world, including the US, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy. The study found, what 40% respondents feel not just “lot” or “more” юними завдяки технологіям – у середньому вони дозволяють людям почуватися на […]Read more ...


    Ukraine ranked first in terms of growth of agricultural imports into the EU


    With, among the world's largest agricultural importer ranked third. Behind only the US and Brazil. In July 2019 порівняно з липнем минулого року Україна стала лідером сільськогосподарської продукції за темпами зростання імпорту в Європейському Союзі, Ukrinform reports referring to the, оприлюднені в доповіді Єврокомісії про стан торгівлі ЄС агропромисловою продукцією. Also, серед найбільших сільськогосподарських імпортерів в […]Read more ...


    What is the role of yeast in space exploration


    This year marked an important date in space exploration: 50 years ago the team of "Apollo 11" made the first historic landing on the Moon. 20 July 1969 was "a small step man" really gave impetus giant leap of mankind. However, significant progress in space exploration was made without actual human presence, адже востаннє живе створіння навмисно надсилалося за межі ближньої орбіти Землі […]Read more ...


    Results G7 summit


    G7 Summit can be considered "relatively successful" if only because, що не сталося нічого надто скандального Напередодні на узбережжі Атлантичного океану, in the French resort of Biarritz, leaders of the "Group of Seven" - informal club of major economies and democracies - have completed a three-day summit. France, which this year chairs the G7, запропонувала лідерам привернути увагу та ухвалити дієві рішення у […]Read more ...


    What economic records Ukraine for the second quarter 2019 year


    Although the volume of our GDP has not caught up with the pre-crisis level, but the pace, that we are approaching this, pleasing. According to the State Statistics, growth of national GDP in the second quarter compared to the same period last year are a record 4,6%. Провідна економічна агенція світу Блумберг теж підхопила це повідомлення, мовляв Україна демонструє рекордні темпи економічного […]Read more ...


    Creating a hypersonic missiles provoking a new arms race


    The new rocket technology, including the so-called hypersonic systems, підігрівають нову гонку озброєнь в світі. Про це йдеться в звіті “Контроль над ракетами: розібратись не складно”, оприлюдненому аналітиками з «Європейської мережі лідерства» (ELN), передає Голос Америки. “Нові ракетні технології, включно з так званими гіперзвуковими системами здатними розвивати швидкість, яка у понад 25 разів перевищує швидкість звуку, […]Read more ...


    US to talk about China


    US urgently needs to begin credible public debate about the confrontational policies of US President Donald Trump on China. Of all the changes in US foreign policy, held Presidential Administration Donald Trump, the most important is the adoption of confrontational behavior towards China. Replacing long-policy interaction, підхід Трампа не тільки привів до економічної холодної війні між двома найбільшими економіками […]Read more ...


    To change our economy


    Expert commentary Bohdan Danylyshyn – Ukrainian economist, Doctor of Economics, professor, Academician Ukraine (2009), Chairman of the Council of Productive Forces of Ukraine (RVPS) NANU, Minister of Economy of Ukraine (2007-2010), Member of the NGO "Council on Competitiveness of Ukraine". What are the state of our economy after all elections? It does not give cause for optimism. Example, індекс промислового виробництва у червні в порівнянні […]Read more ...


    Why Ukraine earns less on exports, than pays for imports


    Another record agricultural exports pleases. And not at all. For supplying abroad, mostly, raw materials. Profits also ensures deep processing 50,4 million tons - so much grain, legumes and flour export of Ukrainian farmers 2018-2019 marketing year (with 1 July to 30 June). It is 10,5 million tons more, than in the previous season. So, at […]Read more ...


    Progress in Artificial Intelligence: diagnosing diseases and understanding speech


    Experts in artificial intelligence have made global report on recent developments in the field of. Design and development of artificial intelligence (IN) is one of the fastest growing industries and advanced modern technology. In order, so do not miss, should not only closely monitor the development of the industry, but also to analyze and compare on a number of parameters. Саме це і […]Read more ...


    Is it about the financial crisis?


    Reading the headlines in the media, Very often you can see evidence of approaching crisis. Every year the news repeated, changing only the headers and reasons. So is it real? To understand this issue will Analyst “Alpari” Maxim Parkhomenko. Tax reform Trump has enabled many companies to optimize processes and obtain additional funds. According to the plan of its initiators, додаткова ліквідність […]Read more ...


    Trump EU sent a signal to the G20 summit


    At the G20 summit in Osaka European Union reached an agreement with four South American countries on a free trade agreement. It – a clear message to US President Donald Trump, says Bernd Riґert. На саміті G20 в Осаці Євросоюз домовився з країнами Південної Америки щодо угоди про вільну торгівлю Світова торгівля можлива й усупереч волі США. Домовленість щодо зони вільної […]Read more ...


    Hong Kong: area of ​​freedom under Chinese cap


    Mass protests, are raging in the streets of Hong Kong in early June, continued active participants in clashes with police actions. Protesters demand the government abandon the Law on Extradition suspects, fugitives from justice. After blocking the government quarter, the second reading of a controversial bill in the Legislative Council postponed indefinitely. More details about this Natalia Butyrskaya, експерт […]Read more ...


    Трамп може тиснути на Китай через гонконгську торговельну та фінансову системи


    Такий тиск знизить можливості Гонконгу як стратегічних воріт КНР, а також поставить його в один ряд з іншими китайськими містами, такими як Шеньчжень або Шанхай. Опозиційні лідери Гонконгу, to influence the management of the region in question support the Law on Extradition, quick to urge the US to view and even suspension of the Law on policy of engagement from the US and Hong Kong […]Read more ...


    Who will control the new world of the future?


    Between the US and China resolved "technological cold war". Бій іде за управління усім світом, actually, — за глобальне домінування. This opinion was expressed and argued HB Correspondent John Yakovyna. Міжнародні фінансові ринки дружно пішли вниз після рішення низки великих технологічних холдингів відмовитися від співпраці з китайською компанією Huawei. На перший погляд — звичайний бізнес-конфлікт. Але насправді багато хто вже називає «Технологічною […]Read more ...


    Bright future 5G – confrontation in the field of technology of new generation


    Чим загрожує протистояння США та Китаю в сфері технологій зв’язку нового покоління Здавалося, Ukraine has only recently entered into a new 4G mobile standard, opened access to high-speed connection to all comers. And today, yesterday called 4G, declaring the onset of a bright future 5G, which only last century science fiction dream. However, протистояння США та Китаю навколо […]Read more ...


    USA, China and Huawei. Another turbulent week


    Trade war with China is gaining new momentum. Huawei prohibition of use American technology and components; the possibility of using such measures against Hikvision, the world's largest video surveillance systems; just a month, Remaining possible introduction of tariffs on the rest $300 billion of Chinese imports; заклик Сі Цзіньпіна не здаватися перед подальшими проблемами і частіше згадувати про «недавнє героїчне минуле […]Read more ...


    US and China will participate in the competition for decades


    With the weakening of the liberal world order began more normal historical era of geopolitical rivalry, and trade tensions are only a supplement to this competition. US and China will participate in the competition for decades. But Washington can win, if terplyachishym for Beijing. Senior Fellow of the Center for New American Security and a senior adviser to the Eurasian Group Robert Kaplan summer 2005 […]Read more ...


    Trump attacking duties China, but one China will not do ...


    As the new US tariffs on Chinese goods will impact not only on the course of US-China trade war, а й на економіку всього світу Кілька днів тому президент США порушив “перемир’я” в торговельній війні США та Китаю, typing 25% duty for almost half of all imports from China. Рішення президента спровокувало падіння на фондових ринках Китаю і загрожує […]Read more ...


    The initiative "One times, one way "can improve the Ukrainian infrastructure


    Recently, Beijing hosted the second High Level Forum on International Cooperation "One times, one way ". Passed with great fanfare, like all major events in China, but that was the basis - participating in the event were representatives 150 countries, including - 38 Heads of State and Government and over 90 international organizations, генеральний секретар […]Read more ...


    As a Chinese state corporation CNBM doing business in the world and Ukraine


    For nearly 40 years, the Chinese economy is growing phenomenal pace. Scientists, businessmen and politicians are scratching their heads over the reasons for this rapid development. Western traditional recipe for economic prosperity: private property, remedies for it, financial liberalization, as the democratization of political institutions - does not match the engine of economic progress Celestial. Офіційно ідеологія правлячої в Китаї […]Read more ...


    About China: EU summit, progress in negotiations with the US, billion to "Naftogaz" and the prohibition Mining cryptocurrency


    Китай-ЄС Перші тижні квітня пройшли під знаком розвитку китайсько-європейських відносин. In addition to several visits President of China Xi Jinping to European capitals, which took place in late March, 9 April in Brussels hosted the EU-China summit with Premier of the State Council of China Li Keqiang. За підсумками саміту було прийнято спільну Декларацію, which contains a number of very interesting points. […]Read more ...


    The situation with the export of Ukrainian honey - "bubble", burst due to overheating market


    Last year honey industry was on the verge of a deep crisis. Interesting, what recession foundation laid last year, коли Україна експортувала рекордний обсяг меду — майже 67 tis.t. The newspaper Business, це — третя позиція в рейтингу “топових” країн-експортерів. First place was almost unattainable China, друге — Аргентина, to which we approached very close. За Україною з […]Read more ...


    Compass Export Ukraine aimed at "Celestial"


    Ukraine could become a major exporter of food to China, including corn and sunflower oil. This opinion was expressed by the executive director of the Committee of oilseeds and grains EBA Irina air hole on Agropolit. Although climate change, analysis of the dynamics of crop production indicates, that the rate of yield in Ukraine continues to grow. The reasons for this are several: розвиток технологій […]Read more ...


    In Moody's Analytics predicted recession in the absence of an agreement between China and the US


    Leading analysts believe, that close trade war superpowers closer recession of the world economy. Relations between the US and China is likely to affect the global economy. Moreover, If the US and China trade agreement is not reached within three months, CNBC said a senior economist at Moody's Analytics Mark Zand, then the world economy “highly likely” falls into recession. “Ділові […]Read more ...


    China active in Europe


    China captures world, країну за країною. No, He does not send overseas aircraft-carrier strike group, and Chinese “polite people” do not appear on the streets of neighboring countries. Chinese influence extends through trade and investment, infrastructure projects and assistance programs. Instead, China has more and more influence in all regions of the world, зміцнює свій статус великої держави й дедалі […]Read more ...


    Розвиток загальнополітичної ситуації навколо Китаю


    Криза ліберального світового порядку і зростання впливу Китаю були серед найбільш обговорюваних тем на цьогорічному Всесвітньому економічному форумі в Давосі. IN 2017 році участь президента КНР Сі Цзіньпіна у ВЕФ стала центральною подією форуму, який традиційно є місцем для зустрічей і дискусій представників ліберального Заходу. Саме керівник комуністичного Китаю рішуче висловися на підтримку глобалізації, світового […]Read more ...


    China plans to 2050 a year of industrial space solar power


    Космічні плани Китаю можуть врятувати Землю від кліматичних змін Китай планує до 2050 a year of industrial space solar power. If scientists succeed Celestial, humanity will get new energy source, which does not pollute the air and does not cause climate change. This can be a good alternative currently not very effective renewable energy, says CNN. До Місяця […]Read more ...


    What 5G and when the technology will be in Ukraine


    In December the west Snapdragon Tech Summit 2018 company Qualcomm introduced its first 5G-modem smartphone. After a few months, many companies talk, that are ready to submit their devices enabled fifth-generation networks. What 5G, how new technology will affect the development of mobile Internet and when the next generation network will reach Ukraine. What […]Read more ...


    Earth greenish significantly in recent 20 years, and here China


    Why extent of increased green space and whether it will save the climate. Over the past 20 years the Earth has become much greener. It happened thanks to the efforts of two countries - India and China. This is stated in a new NASA study. Back in the mid-1990s, China has resorted to an ambitious program to increase forest plantations and actively began to grow trees, in order to […]Read more ...


    Ukrainian-Chinese investment cooperation in the field of irrigation


    For Chinese New Year, celebration which currently lasts, is the first holiday of spring and associated with the beginning sowing. For lunisolar calendar in China is time not merely to enjoy, but also take care of the crops. And Ukrainian farmers in the early years concerned with problem solving, that affect the results and success of their work. It projected global experts, […]Read more ...


    How to make money from wind – Project "Siwash"


    Will the international project on renewable energy in Kherson also restore the attractiveness of Ukraine for investors? At the forum in Davos was concluded important international agreement for Ukraine, Regarding the development of renewable energy. Two energy companies, NBT AS Norwegian and French Total Eren, together with the EBRD signed an agreement for wind energy project "Siwash", which will be implemented […]Read more ...


    Davos 2019: that there was an important


    What important happened 49 in this year's World Economic Forum in Davos. Even before his start he managed to excel resonance "absenteeism" at once the four leaders of the "Big Seven". However, no Trump, Mae, Macron and Xi Jinping did not prevent the working schedule Forum, and key messages and its members and founders heard. What is said in Davos Traditionally Policy, […]Read more ...


    China - CEE: results of the year, and prospects for Ukraine to join the "16 + 1"


    According to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lou Kahn, in 2018 Year marked by regional cooperation of China and Central and Eastern Europe. The diplomat stressed, that the regional authorities of economic cooperation format "16 + 1" has been active in pragmatic cooperation in various fields and achieved positive results in the following areas, as trade and economy, Science and Technology, […]Read more ...


    "UZ" develop cooperation with Chinese partners


    in the end 2018 p. Infrastructure Minister Vladimir Omelian, during a meeting with Minister of Infrastructure of Poland Andrzej Adamczyk reported on finalizing decisions to run container trains through Ukraine between China and the European Union. Ukraine and Poland are counting, the number of trains will soon be close to 1000 for a year. As of 2018 p. Sino-European rail link established between 28 […]Read more ...


    Further strengthening Ukrainian-Chinese partnership


    In early December, 2018 in Paris chairman of the Fund perspectives and innovations J.-P. Raffaren in his speech at 4 Silk Road International Forum noted, that despite the multiplication factors of conflict in the world to promote international cooperation and multilateralism protection is key to achieving a new balance in the world. Over 300 guests from different countries and regions, […]Read more ...


    Perspective Ukraine's cooperation with China in energy sector


    In December 2017 p. signed a memorandum on cooperation in energy efficiency and "green" energy Derzhenerhoefektyvnosti between the Agency and the National Energy Administration of China. Today, December 2018 g., Ukraine and China already have something to report, and more joint projects – ahead. Currently, both countries continued reform of the energy sector, and energy efficiency are concerned all […]Read more ...


    Cooperation between Ukraine and China's health and medical tourism can be riznostoronnishoyu


    Chairman of "Yves Yuchen International Trading City Development" Hunan Province of China Yang Venhao during a meeting with the head of Lviv regional state administration said, that the environmental situation in China today helps, Chinese tourists visit Lviv region increasingly. Representatives of the Chinese delegation and rated the powerful climatic spa resources Lviv region. so, China is interested in establishing […]Read more ...


    The results of the G20 summit and some questions, are noteworthy


    The summit "Big Twenty" in Buenos Aires ended a week ago, but the question of its effectiveness is still "stuck" in the air. The summit took place against the background of a rather dramatic events in the world, that "zatinyly" event: Kerch crisis, Brexit passion around Britain, escalation of the war in Yemen, trade war between the US and China - all this caused many expectations, that the G20 still […]Read more ...


    The truce in a trade war the United States and China favorable, but for how long


    WITH 24 September US imposed 10-percent duty on Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion a year and warned, that the tariff increase to 25% from 1 January 2019 year, if Beijing does not concessions. At the same time the new duties on US goods worth $ 60 billion to take effect in China. Previously introduced sides mutual […]Read more ...


    In collaboration with China Ukraine can realize their potential in the field of robotics


    Ambassador of Ukraine Oleg Demin in China in an exclusive interview to Ukrainian service of RTOs on the participation of Ukraine in the first China International Expo import, early November, said "…the possibility of involvement in joint projects, the joint performance in the global market of the two strategic partners as Ukraine and China. This fair idea, but we really together […]Read more ...


    At the 3rd Ukrainian Silk Road forum discussed the dynamics of successful Ukrainian-Chinese Cooperation


    Third Ukrainian forum held Silk Road 16 November in the capital. Traditionally it serves Ukrainian Association initiated the Silk Road SilkLink, is the third consecutive year gathers Ukrainian and Chinese politicians, business, Industrialists, Experts from various fields in the key area of ​​Ukrainian-Chinese dialogue. This time the venue was the NSC "Olympic", and participants have registered over 700 people. Simultaneously […]Read more ...


    What caused the development of river-sea navigation in Ukraine


    In the penultimate week of October, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine started preparing dredging in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta, needed for, To start the movement of freight vehicles to Ukrainian river ports and improve port of Reni and Izmail. The Danube Delta is a border area, so prior to dredging requires the approval of the Romanian environmental authorities. […]Read more ...


    Export challenge for Ukrainian light industry


    A group of Ukrainian companies intend to invest approximately 20-30 million. USD to establish a new production of fabrics in Chernihiv. In September this year, they came to the repair shop and installation of equipment. Power production will pilot 2-3 million. meters of fabric per year. provides for the establishment 80 workplaces. Production is planned to start in December 2018 year. The new […]Read more ...


    China has not used a powerful weapon in the trade war with US – tourists


    Fewer Chinese business leaders, tourists and students visiting the US, indicating that, that the trade war between Washington and Beijing can be realized unpredictable and expensive ways. drop, observed in issuing visas and flight reservations, not the result of official action Beijing. But it highlights a powerful weapon, that China could use in a trade war. […]Read more ...


    China's Achievements 40 years of reform and opening


    for 40 years of practical implementation of reform and opening China continuously expanding its openness to the outside world. After the 18th Congress of the CPC under the leadership of China Xi Jinping continues the course of reform and opening, continuously improving the openness of theory and practical innovations. Simultaneously, philosophers, historians, analysts, economists, Many sociologists and sinologist of carefully studying this unique historical experience significant Celestial. […]Read more ...

    Ukraine China

    Ukraine's place in the transport and logistics infrastructure between Europe and China


    Economists project to 2020 , the flow of Chinese goods on the "Silk Road" to the EU could grow at least three times. And Ukraine plans to increase turnover with China to $10 billion. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman 02.10.18r. during a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Ukraine Du Wei. The Prime Minister said, that countries consider new […]Read more ...


    An important step towards the Chinese market


    The organizing committee of the exhibition China International Import Expo (CIIE 2018), to be held in Shanghai from 5 by 10 November, announced the closure of the application process. All available seats reserved. Meanwhile, hosts CIIE – as a result of high demand – began to accept applications for reservations at CIIE 2019. And already signed contracts with several exhibitors. In the final […]Read more ...


    As the price of oil $ 100 affect Ukraine and the world economy


    projected, first time since 2014 , the oil can rise to 100 dollars per barrel, which in turn will create both winners, and losers in the global economy. Exporters will benefit from fuel return surplus, enabling businesses and governments to fill coffers. Vice versa, countries, consuming, bear the costs, fanning inflation and potentially causing damage demand. Bloomberg Economics found, […]Read more ...

    What exactly is the double effect of the Chinese initiative


    Investment in almost $450 million in Ukraine will create new jobs and provide tax revenues to the budget. Agreement on the implementation of the international investment project on construction of wind farms in Kherson region 6 September signed a Norwegian company NBT and China Power China. As the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, by the end of next year along the coast […]Read more ...


    Partnerships and joint high-tech products in the pharmaceutical field


    At the plenary session 4 September Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved in the second reading and the whole bill, aims to harmonize the provisions of national legislation with the relevant EU Directive 2001/83 to ensure public access to the results of preclinical studies and clinical trials. In Ukraine, the IT-industry and agriculture are often called "locomotives" of growth of national economy. However, according to […]Read more ...


    Ukrainian producer of soybeans can find its niche in the Chinese market


    As for soybeans, Corn and wheat on world markets were bullish last half-News, market is growing rapidly. According to the company Agritel, now a jump in prices for soybeans in China, because everyone understands, How important was the American soybeans in the structure of Chinese imports. The market for soybeans and soybean meal still made up successfully, and now they […]Read more ...


    Recovery and rebuilding infrastructure Ukraine


    According to the ranking of Logistics Performance World Bank Ukraine made a rush in 14 up position. In the ranking of estimated five parameters: infrastructure, international transportation, logistics competence, cargo tracking and timely delivery. The leader of the ranking was Germany, and our country is now in 66th place with 160. In terms of timeliness of delivery Ukraine received the highest score. In the ranking of the most powerful nations […]Read more ...


    Chinese initiative and qualitative Ukrainian projects


    "I am ready with you to make efforts to deepen cooperation in a joint initiative of building" One times, one way ", allowing Sino-Ukrainian strategic partnership to the next, higher level, for the benefit of our two countries and our peoples " – said in greeting President of China Xi Jinping President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Independence Day. AT […]Read more ...


    Education as a promising area of ​​Ukrainian-Chinese partnership


    After one year from the second session of the Subcommittee for Cooperation in Education Commission on Cooperation between Ukraine and China. For six years, since the first meeting of the Sub, there was a lot of positive changes. Continuing development of direct contacts between universities of Ukraine and China, signed new cooperation agreements, academic exchanges, Scientific and technical cooperation […]Read more ...


    Energy Strategy of Ukraine and China


    According to Energy, hidroheneratsiya only emit greenhouse gases less than nuclear generation. Estimated IAEA, of nuclear generation in the world 1971 Year prevent emissions into the atmosphere more 100 million. tons of CO2. This emissions of industrial civilization about two years. In this way scientists and world energy received bonus – two more years […]Read more ...


    How versatile is the word "communication" between Ukraine and China


    According to Elon Musk can pass through Ukraine 5 with 11 branches ultrafast surface transport Hyperloop. Three hipertreky can be laid across Kyiv: First connect China, Europe and Canada, second - Asia, Middle East, Europe and North Africa, third - Spain and China. American economist Dani Rodrik finds, that the correct model of industrial policy - is […]Read more ...


    Connecting to CCI Ukraine Business Council Silk Road


    In early July, Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine and China Council for Promotion of International Trade (Chamber of Commerce and CCPIT) signed a memorandum of accession to the CCI Ukraine Business Council Silk Road. The Council has 160 thousands of members and interacts with 300 more organizations, than 200 countries. The consequence of this event was the creation in Ukraine of the Center for Initiatives "One times, one […]Read more ...


    By Global Innovation Leadership


    In early July, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine created the National Research Foundation Ukraine. By order of the fund management function performs Cabinet. "The Foundation will make grants available for various members of the scientific and technical sphere", – announced Education Minister Lilia Grinevich. Directions various grant support. According to Minister, the first time in Ukraine provides for individual government, collective and institutional grants. […]Read more ...


    In the global financial system Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation integrates banking sector in Ukraine


    Chairman of Privatbank Krumhanzl Peter and head of China Union Pay Group Shi Venchao 4 July ts.r. signed a protocol on cooperation, whereby Ukraine will be 170 th country in the world, which will develop servicing UnionPay cards. UnionPay payment system allows you to use the card to pay for goods, services and cash withdrawals in partnership with a, than 400 financial institutions […]Read more ...


    The development of public-private partnerships in China and Ukraine


    Kherson Lithuania initiated the creation of a new transport corridor, extending from the Lithuanian port of. Klaipeda territory of Belarus, through Kherson sea trading port, Turkish port of. Trabzon, Georgia and Azerbaijan to the port of exit. Baku. Emphasized the importance of implementing trained Lithuania and Ukraine of public-private partnership for modernization and development of Kherson and […]Read more ...

    renewable energy

    Global investment in renewable energy


    Additional jobs, social security, decent wages will create another Ukrainian-Chinese project. Recently Kherson Regional State Administration, State Enterprise "Production Association Southern Machine-Building Plant. ABOUT. M. Makarov ", Company «MINGYANG CO., LTD »and Genichesk district administration signed a memorandum on the joint implementation of investment for sustainable social and economic development of Kherson. Chinese investor intends to build […]Read more ...


    Ukrainian-Chinese partnership against drought


    Together with experts from the World Bank for three years by the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation Project NAAS worked out a system restore irrigation and drainage in Ukraine, which provides to 2030 year expansion in irrigation areas 1 million. it. According to the director of the Institute, the project requires an investment of $4,5 billion. Also, the scientist reported, EBRD project begins […]Read more ...


    E- commerce – by exporting to the Middle Kingdom


    Following 2017 p. the growth of online sales globally is 17 – 18 percent. In the Ukraine, the figure is even higher. By the end of 2018 p. total sales of online stores worldwide, projected, reach mark 2 trillions of dollars. Growth, compared to 2017 g., funds 6%. To 2020 p. total sales […]Read more ...


    Really quality product Ukrainian-Chinese


    Net farm with Computer Control, single piece of raw land, flowering gardens, and between the trees - plentiful vegetables series. Today Celestial grow a lot of vegetables and fruits. In April, the Ukrainian delegation Chernihiv spent five days in Henan Province. Chairman of the district administration visited Koryukovka corporation "Fangda", which cooperates with Koryukivschyna 2014 year. In this company […]Read more ...


    From the reform and opening to the world community of common destiny


    This year marks China 40 anniversary of "reform and opening", which is based in China's openness to the outside world for a market economy with Chinese characteristics. During this time, Celestial has overcome many difficulties and achieved impressive results. The country has changed and continues to evolve. This is indicated not only the citizens of China, but also recognized in many countries as an accomplished […]Read more ...


    China Innovation: from information technology to date technology


    A Chinese proverb says: he, who, referring to the old, able to open a new, worthy to be a teacher. Xinhua News Agency reported, Chinese engineers develop new aircraft, a basis for the design is drawn skull structure woodpecker. According to the China Research Institute of missile technology, this solution will reduce the effects of shock impact. The technology can be used to enhance the comfort of cars, ships, […]Read more ...


    Some aspects of doing business with China, Worth Knowing About


    In Guangzhou in China opened a vending machine selling cars, established in cooperation between companies and Alibaba Ford. In Jinan diner owner offers to all visitors free food and beer, if they can squeeze through narrow openings of the metal grating at the entrance. In Beijing, workers funeral offered by virtual reality simulator to look […]Read more ...




    Expert calls the four environment factors, stimulating economic development: consumption and government spending, investment and net exports. Of them, the most important factor - an investment, because they stimulate the creation and import-export industries and jobs. Following in Ukraine for more than three years, former finance minister of Slovakia, Strategic co-chairman of the advisory group to support reforms (SAGSUR) Ivan Miklos, came to the conviction: […]Read more ...


    The third green revolution unites the interests of Ukraine and China


    Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Olga believes Trofimtseva, the technology in the agricultural sector should play the role of an umbrella for all the priorities of the strategy of the Ministry, because without an appropriate level of development can not imagine nor civilized land market, or ensure system safety management and food quality, or rural development. Development of agricultural technologies - […]Read more ...


    From smartphones and tablets to complete the transition in Ukraine "number" - long time!


    Chinese IT-giants are willing to lend a shoulder Ukrainian "pros" Towards Digital Future, which today is Ukraine meeting Scale partner Huawei Ukraine Enterprise Day, held by subsidiary “Huawei Ukraine” (working on the Ukrainian market since 90 years), showed - Chinese telecommunications giant has serious intentions to increase its share in the Ukrainian market of information and communication technologies (ICT) from the current 1% […]Read more ...


    Trump teaches China “fair trade”: What threatens Ukraine War largest economies


    At the end of last year it became clear: international trade in the WTO simply bursting at the seams and are unable to cope with new challenges and new. It showed and the December Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization: countries failed to reach consensus on any matter of principle, and the continued blocking of the US appointment of new members of appeal body may […]Read more ...


    Ukraine and China are working on expanding cooperation in livestock


    During the sixth session of the Subcommittee for Cooperation in Agriculture Commission on Cooperation between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the People's Republic Deputy Minister of Agriculture of China Yu said Sinzhun, that collaboration in genetics and breeding, livestock development makes it possible to significantly expand trade and investment cooperation. At the meeting,, held in August 2017 p. […]Read more ...


    Eighteen investment projects in horticulture


    According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, combination of factors, in particular, the average return on investment of about 300%, make organic farming one of the most attractive destinations for investment in Ukraine. Based on data from the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, US Department of Commerce prepared a report, stating, that due to favorable climatic conditions and fertile black earth Ukraine […]Read more ...


    As dredging impact on deepening Ukrainian-Japanese cooperation


    Speaking at the First Ukrainian-British Naval infrastructure forum in Odessa Head of Administration seaports Ukraine (AMPU) Rayvys reported Vetskahans, that during 2018 in three Ukrainian ports will work new grain terminals - in the "South", Berdyansk and Mykolayiv. The combined capacity of these three terminals 9,5 million. tonnes. According to the head AMPU, MV Cargo Complex will […]Read more ...


    China will adhere to its own way


    "China will not import foreign models, no export Chinese model of development. China will adhere to its own way and will not require other countries to copy the Chinese practice ", – quoted by the newspaper "People's Daily" representative of the first session of the National People's Congress (MAS) 13-Convocation Zhang Yesuya. According to him, China is not trying to change the current international order. he […]Read more ...


    Prospects of cooperation between Ukraine and China scientists


    in the end 2017 p. China's government set up a special working group, which will develop the technology of artificial intelligence (IN) new generation. The group includes experts from leading Chinese IT companies. In February ts.r. DigiTimes news agency reported the opening of the Beijing Research Institute for the study of artificial intelligence, who founded the former vice president of Google's Kai-Fu Lee. The new institute will open three […]Read more ...


    Chinese investor in the Ukrainian automotive industry


    IMF predicts economic growth in Ukraine 2018 year to 3-3,5%. IMF representative in Ukraine said Jost Lyunhman: «Well, that growth returns, but not enough, to catch up and really improve the standard of living in Ukraine. And there needs investment ". Recently the State Statistics Service of Ukraine issued a report on attracting foreign investment 2017 g.: total volume […]Read more ...


    China has identified goals for the future: military budget growth and stability


    Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang, Speaking on Monday to a report at the opening session of the top legislature of China, defined plans for development 2018 year, including growing military budget, spending on the environment and infrastructure, reduction of capacity, maintaining the stability of the yuan and the full opening of the manufacturing sector to foreign investors. The first session of the National People's Congress (MAS) […]Read more ...


    INNOVATION WITHOUT LIMITATION opportunities within the initiative "one belt, ONE WAY "


    22 February ts.r. President Petro Poroshenko, during a meeting with talented youth, announced the creation of the National Research Foundation. "It was created by the National Council for Science and Technology Development, and now creates the National Research Foundation. ... To have grants, and grants was fair, competition for the projects, whose, first of all, state needs. The whole world has long worked in this algorithm ", […]Read more ...


    Third – not once: China may legalize many children


    Beijing in law may allow families to have more than two children. This issue is discussed at the annual session of the National People's Congress to end of March. The reason for the unusual initiative Celestial – rapidly aging population. Most residents of China, RT interviewed, they say, that real incentives to expand in China no family. Public policy and expanding the initiative horoscope average […]Read more ...


    Renewable energy: High achievements and future “green” Technology in Ukraine


    The use of renewable energy sources (VDE) was one of the important criteria of the international community. The main reasons for such attention is expected depletion of fossil fuels, sharp rise in their prices, imperfect and inefficient use of technology, impact on the environment. Therefore abroad alternative energy is very attractive for investors. According to international organizations “REN21” (unit […]Read more ...


    JOINT housing projects


    Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde at the 48th World Economic Forum in Davos, During the meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine advised to take advantage of the existing favorable environment to accelerate reforms and transition to a more powerful growth, "It is necessary for the sustainable improvement of living standards". To one of the most important indicators of quality of life, is known, ability to carry most […]Read more ...


    In terms of technology and innovation in Ukraine 74 a place 100 – experts


    Ukraine was among the countries, whose trade, infrastructure and technological development are not ready for the future development and increase production capacity. This is stated in the report of the World Economic Forum "Ready for the future production 2018" The report reflects the readiness 100 countries to a "new industrial revolution", which was on the verge of world. Experts note, only 30 leading countries in the near […]Read more ...


    DAVOS-2018: ABOUT critical thinking and its positive effects


    In the Chinese province of Sichuan fifth-grade students were asked to determine the age of the ship's captain, if the board is 26 sheep and 10 goats. Though, in Chinese schools initially explained, that the answer to the question does not exist, and the task was coined, to check critical and independent thinking children, problem confused adults worldwide. They started […]Read more ...




    Over the next 5 China plans to invest years $120 – 130 billion into the economy of foreign countries. IN 2016 , China invested abroad about $ 170 billion, while the Chinese buy 309 European companies for the amount $ 85,8 billion. As for our country, According to the then Chinese Embassy, Chinese investment in Ukraine for the entire period relationships […]Read more ...


    results: In UKRAINE-CHINA 2017 YEAR


    2017 year for Sino-Ukrainian relations was marked by the celebration of the 25th anniversary of mutual diplomatic recognition. Parties not only summed up cooperation over the past quarter century, but also achieved significant progress in deepening cooperation in various fields, and thus laid a solid foundation for entering the Sino-Ukrainian relations to a new level, IA notes “Xinhua”. Interstate contacts of high level […]Read more ...


    From Davos to Davos


    23-26 January in the Swiss town of Davos will be held World Economic Forum. Events, which for 2017 the year preceding the WEF 2018, promise, that this year's meeting in Davos will be important, and interesting. The most important, because the world is in motion from unipolarity to multipolarity, from stagnation to find new ways of. interesting, as among the world leaders made new […]Read more ...


    Ukraine sells food world, as well as to improve technology?


    State Statistics Service reported - for the export of Ukrainian goods 11 months 2017 totaled $39,5 billion, and grew up in volumes in 20,6% compared to the same period last year. The increase in goods exports occurred in all product groups and is associated with a significant increase in export supply, first of all, agricultural products and food industry. This year Ukrainian fed not […]Read more ...


    seed – high-tech science and cultural monuments


    Astronauts say, that the Great Wall of China and the landfill of the city of New York are the only, created humans, objects, are easily seen from space. WITH 1 January 2018 Ukraine in the whole population should implement separate collection of waste. Indeed, in our country to date 95% all waste sent to the landfill, and only 5% recycled and reused. Problem […]Read more ...


    The dialogue between the CPC and political parties of the world at a high level


    WITH 30 November 3 December in Beijing held a dialogue at the highest level between the CPC and political parties of the world. General Secretary of CPC Central Committee, President of China Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the event and delivered a major speech. The Communist Party of China held the first high-level dialogue with other political parties of the world. Up to date […]Read more ...


    Prerogatives create opportunities. Interaction of state bodies UKRAINE AND CHINA


    As reported by "Interfax Ukraine", Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine created the Council on Strategic Development, headed by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman, which also included former Ukrainian PM. This subsidiary body established to review and examine issues, related to the implementation of domestic and foreign policy, implementation of national economic and social development, software […]Read more ...


    UKRAINE interregional cooperation and China: TIME PARADYPLOMATIYI


    In the II Ukrainian Forum in Kiev Silk Road, 16 November ts.r. the official signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the NATO Secretary General Ms. Silk Road cities in Bisyu and head of Sumy State Administration, Kherson Regional State Administration, Truskavets City Council and the City Council Fastovsky. Chairman of the organization «Silk Link», which was held under the patronage of this event, Irina said Nykorak, what […]Read more ...


    Ukraine – China: infrastructure contribute to the initiative "One times, one way "


    Minister of Ukraine published the Action Plan Ukraine and the People's Republic on the joint construction of the initiative "Economic Zone Silk Road" and "Marine Silk Road of XXI century". Ukrainian and Chinese sides agreed to promote the construction of port terminals, elevators for transporting agricultural and related storage facilities. It is planned to jointly create infrastructure facilities, such as roads and railways, port infrastructure, […]Read more ...


    Exports from Ukraine to China 2017 year


    For the year, exports of goods to China has not changed the first nine months 2017 Ukraine was sold on Chinese goods $1.4 billion - is on 1,7% Less, over the same period 2016 year. By the end of the year Ukraine managed to reach the figure $2 billion, which is slightly more than the volume 2016 year ($1,9billion). This is not bad, Considering that, that 2016 year, compared to 2015 m, fell and exports of goods, […]Read more ...


    Trade and economic cooperation UKRAINE AND CHINA 2017: resuscitation held, RECOVERY - in the active phase


    The overall trade, industrial and economic, financial communications and relations in the sphere of labor migration, goods and services across national borders, forming a complex of Ukrainian-Chinese interstate interests. In the context of the situation, is prevailing in the global economy, considered and "look through" common future prospects of bilateral trade and economic activity of Kyiv and Beijing. The main reason for the positive dynamics of recovery of the world economy and […]Read more ...


    PROGRESS 2017 YEAR: UKRAINIAN-Chinese cooperation in the information field PRC


    In modern international relations, information support is as important a component, job than politicians, Governments and diplomats. For the second year the theme of enhancing bilateral contacts actively present in the information field of both countries. So expect, that relations between Ukrainian and Chinese media also gradually develop. Ukraine, now, it is important to be able to shape itself and […]Read more ...


    Why China is going to invest more than half a billion dollars to the Ukrainian horticulture?


    According to the association "Ukrsadprom" in season 2016/17 Chinese gardeners years managed to gather 4,5 million tons of apples. For comparison, in 2016 the volume of apple production in Ukraine amounted 1,1 million tons, in 2017 year - 1 million tons. The question: "Why did China in first place?». Everyone knows, the Chinese are very industrious, But it is not only this. IN […]Read more ...


    "Silk Road" to the world of IT- domination


    When combined with the latest developments total information closeness China again forced to talk about himself. He aggressively and successfully implements strategy, which should lead to economic dominance of China on the world stage. Today - obsessed with IT industry. IN 2018 he has become the main trend of the development of artificial intelligence technologies (IN) in the medical field. In particular, […]Read more ...

    Development of the economic model of China

    The development of China's economic model


    Napoleon Bonaparte, who called China "sleeping lion, is better not to wake ", was right. But the lion woke up and long thirty years has made the leap from world to world factory laboratory, and now has shown a willingness to conquer the financial market. Country, official pleads developing, This corresponds to the concept literally. Prolonged global economic crisis, exposing weaknesses in major economies, contributed […]Read more ...

    US and China accelerate talks on beef - a deal is possible by early June

    US and China to accelerate negotiations on beef – possible agreement to early June


    Negotiations on the renewal of American beef exports to China are developing rapidly, and final data should appear in early June, As stated on Friday in the Ministry of Agriculture (USDA), allowing farmers to compete on the US market, which was lost Brazil. US and China to accelerate negotiations on beef – possible agreement to early June. American owners […]Read more ...


    China changes the strategy: that design changes “one belt, one way”


    Summit, held last weekend in Beijing “one belt, one way”, not only opened a new stage in the history of the most ambitious economic project in the history of China, but also showed China's ambitions for global leadership. Summit, who gathered in Beijing 29 Presidents and Heads of Government, show: the impact of the project is not limited to the economy. It leads to transformation […]Read more ...

    Kyiv is ready to cooperate with China in sales in the EU - Kubiv

    Kyiv is ready to cooperate with China in sales in the EU – Kubiv


    Ukraine is interested in participating in the Chinese New Silk Road project, it is to offer this initiative Beijing. This was stated in his speech at the session of the Forum for International Cooperation "One times, one way "First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv, the correspondent UKRINFORM. "Ukraine can not ignore global project “Belt […]Read more ...

    China pledges $124 billion for new Silk Road

    China plans to invest in the creation of a new “Silk road” 124 billion


    Chairman of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping promised to send 124 billion. dollars in the plan of the new “Silk road” to promote free trade, and called for the abandonment of old models, based on the competition authorities and diplomatic games. Xi called Summit, which was attended by leaders and senior officials from around the world, to strengthen the global leadership of China, […]Read more ...

    Chinese investors raise the Ukrainian village

    Chinese investors raise the Ukrainian village


    In the vicinity of the village Naumivka, located in the Chernigov region in northern Ukraine, is in full spring planting. On the buzzing of drills for tractors, evenly distributing the seeds on the soil surface and then falling asleep using their land harrows. Over the course of three works closely watching Chinese. Occasionally they are talking with the drivers of agricultural machinery and give them some […]Read more ...

    Robotization and unemployment

    China has become the world's largest consumer of industrial robots


    The achievements of modern robotics is rapidly implemented in production and services. In China, example, There were cooks work, of teachers and even of journalists. How will this affect the labor market? In recent decades, filmmakers and science fiction writers offer us a future scenario, where robots are part of our society: they are indispensable in everyday life, fly in space and even try to enslave […]Read more ...

    Beijing verifies rate

    Beijing verifies rate


    The political season 2017 China in particular is the tradition that begins in March. In Beijing to meet meet two important authorities: National Committee of People's Political Consultative Council (CPPCC - meeting of representatives of major organizations and parties of China) and's Congress (MAS). If the first is an advisory body, the second - a Parliament […]Read more ...

    Foreign brands in China

    Foreign brands in China have become cheaper than domestic


    In high school, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province have banned students wearing school shoes foreign brands, because it "contradicts modest lifestyle", wrote However, domestic brands are higher than the price of foreign, experts say. County high school teacher in Jingjiang Quanzhou decided, shoes that expensive foreign brands does not meet the school dress code. In their view, children […]Read more ...

    china vs USA

    US - China: Conflict in three dimensions


    Simultaneous deter both - super task even for such a superpower, the US. So the choice is determined by two fundamental points: which require immediate intervention in order to prevent excessive strengthening of the enemy and where in a short time can achieve wide public acceptance of the new administration of US President. For, been known since the last century, “to keep the revolution, needed a small victorious […]Read more ...


    Foreign business comes from China?


    In January this year, the US Seagate – the world's leading manufacturer of hard disk drives for computers closed its business in the Chinese city of Suzhou, leaving their jobs 2 thousands of Chinese workers, reports Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post. As for the departure of foreign companies on China's head of China Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos […]Read more ...

    Bejidag & Kiev

    China will help Ukraine in the war with Russia


    During the World Economic Forum in Davos, the President of China Xi Jinping made an interesting statement. He stressed, China is ready to help Kyiv the crisis in the country. PRC, by the way, Ukraine is the guarantor of security in connection with the country's accession to the Treaty on the Non. And in Ukraine supporters of enlargement talks format Donbass […]Read more ...


    Export Strategy of Ukraine – MEDT began the second phase of development


    Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine began the second phase of development Export Strategy of Ukraine, within which will be developed sectoral and cross-sectoral export strategy. This was reported on the website of the Ministry. “Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine began development of sectoral and cross-sectoral export strategies. Relevant initiatives envisaged in the export strategy Ukraine, Government approved 27 December 2017 year”, – […]Read more ...

    Robots are assembled in the production hall of robot manufacturer Kuka in Augsburg, Germany, 14 July 2016. The Chinese household appliance manufacturer Midea will announce the results of its acquisition offer to Kuka shareholders on Monday. Photo: KARL-JOSEF Hildenbrand / dpa

    China buys Germany


    The number of acquisitions of German companies China has reached a new high. According to consulting firm Ernst & Young, As of 31 October 2016 year investors from mainland China and Hong Kong purchased 58 German companies, ie 19 more, than all 2015 year. And this impression, that's not all. Chinese businessmen have spent on these purchases record […]Read more ...

    Chinese investor

    People's representatives “squeeze” Chinese investor in the Stockholm arbitration


    At the beginning of November on Energy Day in Kiev, there was an extraordinary event. The representative of the Chinese state company CNBM New Energy Engineering, whose performance was scheduled event program, instead report said, that the performance is canceled, and demonstratively left the hall. The reason was called made the day before the decision of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex. Later CEO CNBM […]Read more ...


    Miracle in the dead zone. As the Chinese earn in Chernobyl solar power


    Chinese companies GCL and CCEC plans to build in the Chernobyl zone super solar power. For Chinese companies will be very beneficial project. Quite another question, as beneficial to the consumer? Chinese miracle in the dead zone plans on the construction of solar power plants built in the exclusion zone has long, but realize they prevented the unresolved legislation with regard to allocation of land for such […]Read more ...


    A free trade zone between Ukraine and China: all the "pros" and "cons"


    China has offered Ukraine a free trade zone. This is the First Ukrainian International Silk Road Online 2016 Ukraine Silk Road Forum, held in Kyiv 7 November, Chinese ambassador said Du Wei. "The Chinese side proposed working-level ambitious goal - the creation of Ukrainian-Chinese free trade zone. We hope for the revitalization study this issue with Ukrainian side ", […]Read more ...


    Yuan? It is now, – as the dollar, and for some - even better!


    1 October IMF, Despite years of opposition to the US, Chinese yuan has given the status of reserve currency of the world sly Chinese came to his cherished dream - the recognition of the most powerful economy in the world, not only de facto, but de jure – also. Over three decades of communist "ghetto named. Mao "made the leap from third world to first. A backup (sometimes […]Read more ...


    Chinese second chance


    China is ready not only to lend, but also to invest in critical energy projects in Ukraine 19 September in Kiev was signed Memorandum of Cooperation between the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and Chinese state company CNBM International Corporation. Company, controlled by the State Council of China and is in the top 500 largest companies in the world ranking Fortune Global expressed willingness to invest […]Read more ...


    “Dream”, China and Ukraine. Secret conspiracy under cover


    SE agreement “Antonov” AICC with Chinese company on completion of the second instance of the AN-225 “Dream” caused a sharp public reaction. Plane, created in the USSR, remained proud citizens of independent Ukraine, they were not willing to share with someone else. In the case of aircraft “Dream” it took a few special applications, to explain the reasons for this decision public. But instead of clarifying […]Read more ...


    China can become a leader in genetic improvement of man


    Perhaps, in the near future we will learn to adjust human DNA, to defeat diseases such, as cancer. But will it lead to birth “designer babies”? A specialist in bioethics J.. Shafer says Owen, the pioneer in this field will be China. Would you make your children smarter future, stronger or more beautiful, pre changing their genes? […]Read more ...


    Why Uber failed in China


    Earlier this week, finally left the Uber China. Company, almost conquered the world, failed to gain a foothold in the most attractive and strategically important market. "It was nice", – suggests an attempt Uber China Jin Lu, president of the largest local taxi service on Didi Chuxing. On Monday Uber left China. The company gave up a huge market […]Read more ...


    The first went: Chinese 0,4 billion dollars in “Ukrtelecom” may be the beginning of the return of investments in Ukraine


    Not a secret, the volume of foreign investments in Ukraine reduced from 2013 year, and lending in foreign banks Ukrainian business has long forgotten. Factors lot: corruption, corrupt courts, imperfect legislation, no working system of investor protection, restrictions on withdrawal of capital, ATO. This is a reasonable investor caution, waiting positive signals from the Ukrainian state and economy. […]Read more ...


    Meat expansion: whether Ukraine trade with China Animal Products


    Official Beijing seeks to, to provide the population of Chinese products. However recognizes, that own resources are insufficient and have to resort to imports. in the end 2015 The Ministry of Agriculture of China announced, that within the next five-year plan (2016-2020) the country will rely more on the purchase of imported food, than the increase in domestic production. The decision of the Chinese government can successfully use […]Read more ...


    CHINA transition to consumption


    The Chinese economy is gradually moving away from investment growth model – investment returns, especially in raw materials and construction, falls, and the demand for consumer goods increases. However, accumulated during the years of rapid growth disparities, particularly dominant banks in financing investment and high debt load, threaten a sharp slowdown in GDP growth. China needs reforms, aimed at increasing competition and […]Read more ...


    Baltic, Ukraine, Kazakhstan: China who take the "Silk Road"?


    Post-Soviet countries are preparing for the installation of infrastructure Eurasia. The scale of investment, number of participating countries, opening trade – Chinese project "Silk Road Economic Belt" (EPSP) today considered nayhrandioznym in Eurasia. Essentially, it is not just about creating alternative transport corridors between China and Europe, but also building a new economic partnership […]Read more ...


    The collapse of commodity prices in China reflects market concerns about the prospects for the Chinese economy


    The sharp decline in commodity prices in China, including a drop in prices for steel and iron ore, reflecting market concerns about the prospects for the Chinese economy, and not solely the result of short-term speculation in the market, analysts. “China unveiled a series of statistical data, which raised doubts in stabilizing the economy, – MarketWatch cites the words of Senior Analyst IronFX Global Sharalambosa […]Read more ...

    Field of Wheat --- Image by © Marnie Burkhart/Corbis

    China distorts the global balance carry-over stocks of wheat 2016/17


    If we subtract the transient stocks of wheat Chinese world total, turns loss 7 million tons year on year. Market expected pessimistic news about the wheat from the report on the supply and demand of new crop USDA (USDA) on Tuesday, but the news were more pessimistic, than anyone could have imagined. However, the balance of the new wheat can be a little […]Read more ...


    Return miracle: what happens to the Chinese economy


    The Chinese economy in 2015 was pretty surprised. Instead of galloping growth, to which many analysts expected worldwide, Celestial showed slowing, accompanied by a fever in the stock market. So, China's key stock indexes SZSE and SSE Composite from its peak in June 2015 to February of this year hit nearly 44%. Together with them […]Read more ...


    Nourish billion. China self-sufficient in food


    China announced the purchase of the Swiss company Syngenta - one of the world's leading manufacturers of pesticides and genetically modified plants. Agreement, in which the Chinese party involved state-owned China National Chemical Corp., will be the largest in the history of China. Its amount - $46 billion, while the Swiss company was asked to $465 per share - about 20% above their […]Read more ...


    What should China to Ukraine?


    China is a global player, that is prioritized as a short, and in the long run. The strategic vision of the country is reflected in the initiative "One belt one-way", declared in 2013 by President of China Xi Jinping. The press often called the project "Silk Road". The Chinese government has made huge allocations for him through mechanisms Asian bank […]Read more ...


    Chinese smog and can spread to other countries


    Forests of China 2001 was mysteriously dying. New report, perhaps, not only indicates the cause, Why this happens, but warns, This problem may soon spread to other countries. The report argues, emissions of nitrogen pollution in China killed at an alarming rate and that natural forests, if nothing is done, it starts […]Read more ...

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    Thunder from China: as problems China could become a chance for Ukraine


    The importance of China to the world economy is difficult to overestimate. The industrial boom in the Asian country has led to rapid growth markets, developing in the first half of zero. Ukraine also enjoyed the generous fruits of China's economic recovery, the rate of recovery of domestic GDP after the crisis of the 1990s reached double digits. What is not surprising against the background of the jump in prices for Ukrainian commodity exports. However […]Read more ...


    China cuts steel production and coal mining


    The country intends to reduce capacity in steel 100-150 million tons. The Chinese government plans to soon reduce production capacity in steel 100-150 million tons, and “in a relatively large scale” reduce coal power. According to the newspaper on Monday “Jenmіn took office”, This was discussed at a meeting of the State Council, transmits TASS. “Using the experience of downsizing manufacturing […]Read more ...


    Bloomberg: China halted trading on the stock markets after the fall of index 7%


    This writes the article Kim Konhva “China halted trading in the stock markets after the fall of the index by 7%”, published at Trades were stopped about 1:34 pm local time on Monday, after CSI index 300 decreased by 7 percent. Earlier 15-minute stop at 5 percent could not stop the decline, […]Read more ...


    How will the recognition on the finances of the yuan a reserve currency


    While confidence in the dollar and the euro falls, Chinese currency without negative history strengthens the country's image as a reliable economy. The International Monetary Fund has included the Chinese yuan in the list of reserve currencies basket of Special Drawing Rights (SDR), says Sergei Zakharin, Director of NGO Research Institute for Economic Development, Doctor of Economics, column, published in №49 magazine reporter on 11 […]Read more ...


    China started a new game against dollar


    People's Bank of China (NSC) on Monday announced plans to reform the yuan exchange rate on the domestic market, reports Chinese authorities have decided to abandon the peg of the yuan to the dollar, replacing it with a basket 13 Trade. The share of dollars in her will 26,4%, euro – 21,39%, Japanese yen – 14,68%. in addition, Add to basket will include Australian, Canadian, Hong Kong, New Zealand […]Read more ...


    China wants to double the size of the economy in five years


    China's economy will have to grow by an average of 6,5% over the next five years, To achieve this goal, analysts say. Beijing confirmed the intention to double the size of China's economy, to $ 12 trillion, to 2020 year, despite the problems, facing GDP growth, CNN Money reports. The ambitious plan to increase the economy twice as one of the main […]Read more ...


    Can China save Ukraine's exports and its economy?


    Recently often speak about the growth of Ukraine's trade with China. indeed, in terms, Ukraine falls when exports, trade with China grows, and you can already start to enjoy. China Market – huge. Demand for large products. This is the best advertising for any exporter. May be, Trade with China, our future? Or at least to compensate […]Read more ...


    China's economy growing faster than any example


    The Chinese economy begins to rapidly gain momentum after the summer fall. In the third quarter, China's GDP grew by 6,9%, which is less than the second quarter figures, however, one percentage point more example. The data published on Monday, National Bureau of Statistics. To ensure growth, China's government in November five times reduced interest rates and increased infrastructure costs. […]Read more ...

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    Ukraine sharply increased agricultural exports to China


    At the time he, the volume of Ukrainian exports to Russia fell sharply, Customs statistics confirm the obvious leap in Ukraine trade relations with China. This writes in an article on “Mirror of the week” Editor of microeconomics and business Sergey Sledz. Author notes, that for 7 months 2015 Ukraine, the agricultural exports to China amounted to 889,7 million, more […]Read more ...


    China strengthens capital controls


    China makes everything new measures in an attempt to curb capital flight abroad against the backdrop of volatility in financial markets, what opportunities involving Central Bank, major banks and law enforcement agencies, пише The Wall Street Journal. On Tuesday it was reported, that the PBOC (NSC, Central Bank of the country) with 15 October will increase the reserve requirements on forward contracts on the yuan […]Read more ...

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    The current situation opens up many areas for the development of two strategic partners


    Talk about the need for rapprochement between Ukraine and China are gaining momentum. Vselikie analysts, experts and domestic establishment intuitively realize the benefits of Chinese foreign policy game, based on adequate pragmatism. China, while the 3rd place in the world rankings in terms of GDP, takes first place for the largest reserves, akumulyuvavshy $ 4 trillion, and is ready to actively invest in overseas projects, […]Read more ...

    Default seems a fairy tale. What is dangerous for Ukraine financial collapse in China

    Default seems like a fairy tale. How dangerous for Ukraine financial collapse in China


    Last month Ukraine especially closely monitoring the situation in Greece. This is not surprising: Keywords, taken by the Greek government and its creditors, we know the pain – crisis, Financial Aid, national debt, default, officials populism and lack of reforms. Many domestic and international policy, experts, Analysis by the media compete hard in their “recipes” save the Ukrainian economy, […]Read more ...


    As Ukraine seizes leadership in the supply of corn to China


      Last week, the international business publication Financial Times published material, in which, Chinese customs analyzing data for May, Ukraine has called the largest exporter of corn to China. So, in May 2015 , China imported 40,4 million. tons of corn, of which 95% – Ukrainian origin. In the first five months of this year the total amount of corn from Ukraine reached 155 […]Read more ...


    Chinese “stock bubble” and Ukraine


    China held the world financial turmoil – the stock market Celestial unprecedented crisis erupted. UNIAN figured, What it threatens the global economy and how it will affect Ukraine. World attention, focused on the last days before the debt problems of Greece, dramatically changed the direction – now it has turned to the East, namely the stock market in China, the scale landslide which hit records and are […]Read more ...


    Analysts expect the rapid growth of Chinese corporate shares


    The Chinese stock market has created great investment opportunities. Ahead of the expected increase in stocks of major corporations in China. This was explained Leonid Matveev, Leading Expert Alpari Investment Department. A year ago, few analysts could have imagined, that the shares of China's largest companies are able to grow more than 28%. obviously, they underestimated the market. Monetary incentives of power and fierce Chinese demand […]Read more ...


    Ukraine beat the historical record grain exports - Pavlenko


    Disruption managed to avoid sowing, Minister of Ukraine assured from the beginning of 2014/2015 marketing year exported 33494000 tons of grain, which is higher than in the past marketing year in the historical record 32,3 million tons. The Minister of Agriculture and Food Alex Pavlenko. “During this marketing year reached a record grain exports 33494000 tonnes. Transitional remains almost 3,5 million […]Read more ...

    Gas market in China will be saturated in 2015-17 years. - Wood Mackenzie

    Gas market in China will be saturated in 2015-17 years. – Wood Mackenzie


    New natural gas supplies to China amid slower growth in demand could create a situation of oversupply in the Chinese market and lead to a drop in gas prices, analysts consultancy Wood Mackenzie. Gas offer will exceed demand 18 billion cubic meters per year 2015-17 years, according to a press release. Experts of the company lowered its own forecast demand […]Read more ...


    Logistics System of China continues to demonstrate growth rates, but the pace of growth falling


    From the beginning 2015 China's logistics system continues to show growth rates, but the growth rate falling. Reported by correspondent. Xinhua regulation of the Office of Economic Development of the State Committee for Development and Reforms. According to his data, total material flow in logistics for January- April was 66300 billion yuan / 1 Population. US – 6,1 yuan […]Read more ...

    a photo

    Will China to fill the reserves of Ukraine


    Ukraine will continue to exchange swaps on China. On the initial swap lines between the currencies of two countries in the amount of 15 billion. Yuan (close $ 2,44 billion.) Kyiv and Beijing agreed in January. supposed, that the swap line will be closed in June. But in April the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeriy Hontaryeva agreed with the People's Bank of China Zhou Xiaochuan extension of swap lines. […]Read more ...

    News from China impacted on oil prices

    News from China have affected oil prices


    World oil prices show lateral dynamics during trading Monday on reports of reduction in key rates People's Bank of China. As of 7.48 June futures price for North Sea Brent blend was reduced to 0,02% – to 65,38 dollars per barrel. June futures price for WTI oil decreased by 0,22% – to 59,26 dollars per barrel. About […]Read more ...

    China intends to restructure the international monetary system

    China intends to restructure the international monetary system


    Thrust attack China in the very heart of global finance, eventually, can change the international monetary system. Much depends on, whether the Chinese authorities will be able to maintain political stability and to bring the country to a more sustainable growth in the coming years. If China succeeds in this, we witness the gradual establishment of an alternative model (call it […]Read more ...


    China will simplify the conversion of its currency


    China intends to remove certain restrictions on trade in yuan in all free trade zones in the coming months. By the end of the year Beijing will expand the scheme to all regions, which will facilitate the conversion of the currency. Companies are free to move the yuan and other currencies across the borders of China under capital account transactions only in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. […]Read more ...


    China promotes yuan, but is silent about gold reserves


    Usually Action International Monetary Fund (the som) are of interest only, when he tries to protect Argentina or Greece from default. After five years in hibernation Fund, finally, an opportunity to shed light on another mystery - China's foreign exchange reserves. known, the Chinese prefer to hide some data. Chinese authorities have not updated the official data on stocks of gold 2009 […]Read more ...


    In March, China increased imports of maize, including Ukraine and Russia


    In March, China increased imports of maize and barley, reported the National Information Center China's grain and oil (CNGOIC). Imports of corn rose to 50,6 th. t. (+ 5,1% by March 2014.), Including. from Ukraine – to 36,1 th. t (+6 557,0%), from Russia – to 9,4 th. t (+2 471,5%), from Bulgaria – to 1,0 th. […]Read more ...


    DPZKU intends to send over 3,5 million tons of grain under the Chinese contract


    WAY “The State Food and Grain Corporation Ukraine” (DPZKU) by the end of 2015 year plans to export 3,5 million tons of grain under loan agreement with China. “Our contract provides for annual export large quantities of grain. This year, contract runs calendar years, This year we plan to send more 3,5 million tons. But in general, involves sending a contract from 5 […]Read more ...

    Published data of China's military spending, Russia, Ukraine for 2014 year

    Published data in military spending of China, TaUkrayiny for Russia 2014


    IN 2014 year military spending rose sharply in China, Russia and Eastern Europe. The data published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), reported Agence France-Presse. Defense spending in the United States is still the world's largest, But in 2014 the US spent 6,4% Less, than 2013 year, while […]Read more ...

    13.04.2015 Bad news for the world economy

    Bad news for the world economy


    The sharp decline in exports of Chinese goods suggests further economic slowdown in China. For the global economy - is unexpected and unpleasant news. Even if you include the March decline in exports is mainly due to seasonal fluctuations, it shows, the first quarter of the second world economy clearly failed. Beijing will have to try hard, to execute the plans of economic development […]Read more ...

    13.04.2015 Chinese passion Ivan Miroshnichenko

    Chinese passion Ivan Miroshnichenko


    Sergey Stashenko, for "head" 16 April the Ministry of Agriculture and Food will announce the results of the contest to head the State Food and Grain Corporation Ukraine (DPZKU). At first glance, the situation is even positive, because "open" contest - part of a large-scale campaign in various departments to update the management of public companies. However, in today's environment control DPZKU - a problem-solving […]Read more ...


    China is actively expanding imports of corn substitutes


    As the company “ProAgro”, the rate of import substitutes corn feed (such, barley, grain sorghum, cassava and corn dry bard) Chinese importers remain high. It is reported by news agency Reuters. As market participants suggest, These high rates will remain continue this season, because the ugly backdrop of high prices for corn and domestic production […]Read more ...

    Ukraine - not China

    Ukraine – not China


    What prevents the Ukraine to become “European China” The company "Mirta" orders all appliances under the same brand name in China and Georgia. But it is going to become a competitor to its contractors: owners "Mirta" going to build a plant in Ukraine. 80% its capacity "Mirta" wants to download orders global companies. One of the beauties, which must bite conventional Phillips and Siemens, – […]Read more ...


    Irreversible bank loans in China increased by another 30%


    Irreversible loans Chinese banks increased further 30% In China for several years growth was terrible amount of non-performing bank loans. Experts believe, that the situation will deteriorate further. 26 March Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (PTBK) published financial report 2014 year. According to this document, which lasts for two years the growth of non-performing bank loans was […]Read more ...

    03.03.2015 Die Welt China enters the war of currencies

    DieWelt: China entered the war of currencies


    To achieve its goals of development and stimulate exports, Beijing is only one: print more money. Other states also use this weapon. Financial markets in turmoil. This HolherTsshepits writes in his article "China entered the war of currencies", published online German newspaper DieWelt. In China's new export product. After cheap clothes, and home electronics […]Read more ...

    23.02.2015 China will give Ukraine $15 billions

    The Chinese company CITIC ConstructionCo. Ltd will give Ukraine a loan of 15 billion for affordable housing.


    The relevant memorandum signed on Thursday in Kiev, Ukraine authorized head of Ministry of Regional Development (on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko) and authorized CITIC ConstructionCo. Ltd. In the Ministry of Regional Development report, that credit is given under minimal interest, a period of fifteen years with the right of prolongation. The ministry added, in Ukraine will be implemented a pilot project investment cost up 1 billion. The company CITIC […]Read more ...


    China's Economy 2015 year will be fairly stable


    China's Economy 2015 year will be fairly stable. There are some negative aspects do not make substantial pressure on economic development. The gradual recovery of US and EU markets, development of urbanization in China, launch public infrastructure investments programs, increasing exports of Chinese capital in the form of FDI, and implementation mehastratehii economic zone "Silk Road" will ensure that the growth rate of China […]Read more ...

    Export surplus

    China, December 2014: The foreign trade balance


    Exports from China grew in December more, than expected, on 9,7%, against a background of increased foreign demand, which gave a boost second-largest economy in the world. These are published on Tuesday, official data. According to data presented, China imports in December fell by 2,4% compared to the same period last year, and this fall caused […]Read more ...

    17.12.2014 China's economy is not the second, but not the first

    China's economy: no other, but not the first


    No sooner had new step 2015 year, but China pulled ahead of world economic leaders, ending more than 140 years of monopoly in this position of the United States. So says the International Monetary Fund (the som) based on the calculation of GDP at purchasing power parity (PKS). In China it was last year 17,6 trillion. dollars, in the United States […]Read more ...

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    China reports rise in exports 6,1%


    IN 2014 , on the background of gradual economic recovery in the euro area and at almost the same domestic demand for imported goods trade surplus increased in China 1,5 fold compared to last year. Exports by 2014 the year grew by 6,1%, imports – only 0,6%. However, it should be noted a significant difference between the current Chinese export data […]Read more ...


    RMB against the dollar. BATTLE BEGINS?


    dollar – American citadel of capital and economic power of America. The last ten years he repeatedly predicted the imminent end, especially in times of crisis. At the stage of feverish activity "Big Twenty" even seriously discussed the creation of a global reserve currency based on the IMF depositary receipts, I mean SDR, but, as always, really nothing agreed, all […]Read more ...

    China dealt a new blow to the petrodollar

    China dealt a new blow to petrodollars


    Active global de-dollarization continues. As before, a special role is played by China, which is signed exchange agreements with Canada and Qatar. Canada, so, is the first offshore yuan hub for North America, and the volume of trade between Canada and China could soon double or even triple, thereby reducing the need for dollars. But this […]Read more ...

    24.10.2014 Scope of Internet banking has long appeared in Western countries, but its development is no trend for improvement, but in China,

    Scope of Internet banking has long appeared in Western countries, but its development is no trend toward improvement, but in China, Internet banking is booming, ahead of developed Western countries. Why Chinese Internet banking is the best in the world?


    Careful study showed, that the origins of Chinese Internet Banking rise in online shopping. In China, 80 percent catalog, acquired as a result of bargain online, to be delivered in its objective sense. This rapid development of e-commerce in China, factor and high population density in the country creates good conditions for logistics. This is the difference from […]Read more ...

    03.10.2014 In China, it began a revival in the housing market

    China has started to recover in the housing market


    China's GDP in the fourth quarter increased by 7,3%, 1,5% kk, overall growth for the year was 7,4%. On the one hand, a figure below the official target, on the other - and this level is surpassed expectations - 7,3%. The main contribution to GDP growth 2014 he has made a total consumption - 4,3 pp, contribution of investments - 3,3 […]Read more ...

    China's success his military obligations UKRAINE

    China's success his military obligations UKRAINE


    Though, between Ukraine and China established strategic partnership and cooperation, both parties allegedly trying to conceal successes within the military-industrial cooperation, not to mention a single word about his trade relat…Read more ...


    China promised to protect Ukraine NUCLEAR WEAPONS


    As part of a prisoner in December an agreement between China and Ukraine, Beijing pledged to give Ukraine a guarantee of nuclear safety. However, the tactical advantages of Chinese nuclear umbrella overshadow potential strategic challenges, that can … Read more ...

    The internationalization of the yuan creates new opportunities for win-win -- Chairman of the Financial Control SARS Chen De-lin

    RMB internationalization offers opportunities for mutual gain – head of financial management of SARS Chen Delin


    The internationalization of the yuan gives Hong Kong and other international financial centers new opportunities for mutual gain. Joint creation and improvement of offshore yuan market, and the expansion of operations with the Chinese yuan will benefit all market participants. This was stated by head of financial management of the Special Administrative Region Honkonu / SARS / Chen Delin on Tuesday in an exclusive interview with correspondent. Xinhua. […]Read more ...




    Agreements with important Kitaem.'Kitay Rossii'.Soglasheniya with Rossiey.'Ukrainskaya economy came under the influence of the northern soseda'.Soglashenie with Shell for the extraction of shale gaza.Posle signing an agreement Yanukovych stressed the importance of the transaction: 'Profitable, brown…Read more ...




    The visit of the leader of the country abroad, especially in a place, China, always a heightened interest in the media and the public. However, hardly a state visit to China of President Viktor Yanukovych, ended Friday, have attracted much attention to himself, jakʙ…Read more ...


    CHINA - UKRAINE Port Crimea.


    Results of the visit of the Ukrainian president in China does not seem unambiguous. "Everything, except for money ", - so characterize them about Ukrainian economic publications and resources. Signed by eight of the sixteen preparing investment agreements. The Chinese are moder… Read more ...


    AMERICAN CRISIS IMPACT: China is not dormant


    Political 'standing’ in the United States between Republicans and Democrats about the Obama reform health care cost the country dearly. It's not even in the moral injuries, workers who received federal agencies during a two-week forced leave, and…Read more ...




    British agency Reuters published an article entitled 'The Changing China once again shake the world economy'. Now diminished concern for folding US monetary policy, but now more pressing issue was the world worry: how to respond to the second…Read more ...


    Under the sign of EARTH: UKRAINE AND CHINA READY feed PLANET


    In the context of Sino-Ukrainian relations Week, outgoing, was marked village. In the Middle Kingdom has a large delegation of Ukrainian farmers, reinforced by Deputy Foreign Minister Viktor Maiko, who oversees the Foreign Ministry economic direction. Centre…Read more ...




    In the coming weeks, Ukraine and China intend to complete all licensing procedures for the export to China of barley and soybeans. This was during the II meeting of the bilateral Commission on cooperation in agriculture, Held in Beijing, said Minister Agra…Read more ...

    13 (1)

    CHINA: anticorruption five years


    Chinese authorities announced the country's new five-year plan. Pyatiletki fight corruption. As promised, relentless and uncompromising struggle. 'In China, by the end of 2017 will be formed a clear system of punishment of corrupt officials'. such stale…Read more ...


    GEELY leave UKRAINE becoming the largest Chinese automaker by export volume


    Ukraine became one of the main Chinese car markets - Geely named her one of the countries, thanks to sales in which it has become China's largest automaker in terms of export sales. experts note, Chinese productivity… Read more ...


    UKRAINE ten countries joined the global ranking of steel producers


    Ukrainian steelmakers in July 2013 year compared to the same month last year reduced steel production by 8,8%, to 2 millions 828 tons, thus taking ninth place in the list of world producers. This is stated in the report of the World asots…Read more ...


    In China WORK 600 000 Rustic online store


    In Chinese villages and towns there 595 700 internet-shopping Taobao. This was reported by the research center 'Ali', owned by Alibaba Group. In total by the end of 2012 g. It was registered on the platform Taobao and 1,63 million with…Read more ...


    CHINESE VECTOR: Where he drags UKRAINIAN agricultural sector?


    Ukraine and China is ready to strengthen cooperation in the economic sphere. New trade horizons plan determined during the visit of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in China. During the meeting with the newly elected chairman of the State Council of China …Read more ...


    Chinese investment: WHY UKRAINE still "on the sidelines"?


    Last Thursday, Chinese State Statistics published quarterly data on FDI abroad in China and Chinese abroad. From the document follows, China attracted in January-March this year 29,91 billion in the form of direct investment…Read more ...


    AVIATION Gosplan


    Surprisingly, but it was hysteria in the media about the imaginary China's inability to overcome the consequences of the crisis, It makes you think about how, that governance and domestic consumption are included in the "gold" list of ways to economic decisions…Read more ...

    13 (1)

    CHINA first time in history became the leader of WORLD TRADE


    2012 China, the first time in history became the leader of world trade, ahead of the US, in which virtually no competition on this indicator since the end of World War II. To such conclusion experts to Bloomberg, conducting a comparative analysis of Dana…Read more ...


    Chinese yuan will not soon replace the dollar as reserve currency – DEBATE IN DAVOS


    Chinese yuan will not soon replace the US dollar as the international reserve calculation tools and resources. This opinion was expressed by the former head of the US Treasury and Harvard professor Lawrence Summers at a meeting Vsesvitnoh…Read more ...


    BEIJING: TIME gas mask


    Late last and early this week in Beijing and a huge area north and east of China were literally covered with thick fog and smog. While no one dared call it an environmental disaster, essentially, The situation is actually katastr…Read more ...


    TO 2015 , China will produce 10% GLOBAL ATOMIC ENERGY


    To 2015 was able to triple its share of the global nuclear enerehetytsi and bring it to 10%. By this time the country will work 41 Nuclear power unit aggregate 42 GW. Such plans said at the seminar 'Nuclear energy and environmental environments…Read more ...


    Hope and disappointment aircraft manufacturers UKRAINIAN IN CHINA


    WITH 13 by 18 November in the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai held 9th International Aerospace Exhibition 'Airshow China-2012'. According to organizers, It was the largest 1996 year, the event is under the auspices of the State Council, the country's only … Read more ...


    Beijing will continue to reform the RMB exchange rate, despite US warnings – ILL PRC


    China will continue to reform the RMB exchange rate according to your schedule and not be exposed to pressure from outside this area. This was announced on Wednesday at a briefing in the Foreign Office of the PRC spokesman Jiang Yu. 'We will continue to currencies…Read more ...




    During the last week of September, the day before the PBOC weekly weekend on the occasion of founding of the PRC in order to prevent liquidity shortages' impact’ in the country's financial system 365 billion yuan (57,92 billion US dollars). This was the largest amount in History of…Read more ...




    In early September, just in time for the APEC summit in Vladivostok, Reuters published an article, in which he described China's intentions in some detail by domestic investment 60 infrastructure projects to enhance its, bit zamedlivshuyus…Read more ...


    Chinese translation China // CREDIT HELP CHP START WORKING ON COAL


    The Cabinet passed from promises to transfer heat and power plant (CHP) from gas to coal to action. Last week, the government approved the involvement of "Naftogaz’ $3,6 billion from the China Development Bank. For these funds, four of the eight state CHP bu… Read more ...


    China has become the world's largest exporter


    According to the results 2011 city, China has become the world's largest exporter, and for imports came in second place. This was reported by the State Statistical Administration of China. WITH 2003 by 2011 gg. the volume of foreign trade in goods grew at an average 21,7% annually. …Read more ...


    CHINA investing over $376 Billion in energy saving projects


    China intends to invest 2015 year 2,37 trillion yuan (375,6 billion.) in the energy saving program. These plans are published on the website of the State Council, UKRINFORM reported. "China plans to invest 2,37 trillion yuan in fixed energy-saving projects…Read more ...


    Chinese economy slows down


    Talk about, that breathtaking pace of economic growth in the Middle Kingdom still come to an end, conducted regularly. This week, they resumed with renewed vigor in the wake of regular statistical data, this time on FDI. The amount raised for…Read more ...




    The volume of foreign investments in the economy of China fell in July to its lowest level in 2 of the year, fueling fears, that the weakening of investor confidence in the growth prospects could hold back any upturn in the economy, Bloomberg reports. volume …Read more ...


    Inflation in China in July reached a 37-month high


    The increase in the consumer price index in China, Chief inflation, reached in July 6,5%, becoming the highest for the last 37 months. The data of the State Statistical Bureau of China published on Tuesday, UKRINFORM reported. In June in…Read more ...


    China cut mining of rare earth metals


    China to 20% cut mining of rare earth metals, vital for electronics manufacturers worldwide, – according to CNN. He changed the rules of production, and therefore will close a third of 23 mines and about half of 99 melting com… Read more ...


    Workers pay equity to support the Chinese stock market


    Chinese authorities intend to introduce a system of, in which public employees can receive up to a third of his salary in shares of their own companies. authorities believe, it should increase the involvement of ordinary citizens in the work of the country's financial market, but,…Read more ...


    The negative balance of trade with China reached 5 billion. dollars


    The negative trade balance with China, at 2012 year may increase and approach the 4,5 billion. Doll., and achieve in the next year mark 5 billion. Doll. This is stated in the forecast of Ukrainian Economic Trends Forecast Da Vinci AG company in mp… Read more ...


    China will help Ukraine to reduce dependence on Gazprom


    On Friday Minenergouglya signed an agreement with the State Bank of China about attraction 3,6 billion dollars., which will focus on the construction of two plants for the gasification of coal and the transfer of Ukrainian coal heating utilities. This writes Kommersant-stolen…Read more ...


    Those, who care for stability in Asia


    By the 12th Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, scheduled in Beijing on 6-7 June, is drawn considerable attention of observers. Firstly, solid composition of participants: owner meeting, Hu Jintao, the head, pre invited…Read more ...


    Not populated China


    The numbers of abandoned houses in China are staggering. According to official statistics, not populated in China remain more 65 apartment million. Celestial empty flooded areas and entire cities. Hence, the logical question - why is vacant in China …Read more ...


    China to 56% dependent on imported oil and iron ore


    More 56% the needs of China in oil and iron ore dependent on imports. These are the data of the Bulletin of China Land and Resources for 2011 g. According to the results 2011 city, exports and imports of mineral raw materials in China amounted to… Read more ...


    China and the US: condemned to dialogue


    Sino-US relations in recent days were once again the focus of international community, and for several reasons. Firstly, between nearly broke out a full-scale diplomatic row, associated with the case of blind ak…Read more ...


    limits to growth


    Source: ChinaPRO, According to the materials business publication “China Herald”   Author: Alexander Zotin Last 30 years the world witnessed a true economic miracle in China – Celestial GDP grew an average of 10% for a year. But is it possible to maintain these rates in coming decades? As the rapid growth of China may end, there are many prospects. Which […]Read more ...


    difficulties in the transportation of — Recent Customs Service reform are unlikely to contribute to simplification of customs clearance procedures


    Despite the holding power of a number of legislative reforms to facilitate business activities, doing business in Ukraine is only getting harder. This is confirmed by the results of the World Bank's international study 'Doing busi…Read more ...


    Chateau Sina, or Chinese winemakers


    China - the fastest growing market of alcoholic beverages and especially wine, which accounts for 14% sales of all alcoholic beverages in the country. And that, that the industry China has attracted the attention of the world's leading wine producers and exporters of wine, all … Read more ...


    Investment billions of Celestial


    Last year's evaluation of potential Chinese investment in the US Western economists characterized the very, very emotionally. China now owns two-thirds of the global sovereign investment portfolio in US assets. In this case, the official K…Read more ...


    China imposed anti-dumping measures against US cars


    China's Ministry of Commerce announced that, that 15 December 2011 g. antidumping and anti-subsidy measures against car, imported to China from USA. Duties on US car imports will operate two goda.Oni ra… Read more ...


    Global investor


    AT 1991 g. China two centuries behind in terms of foreign investment from France and the UK. after 20 years China foreign investment increased by more than 30 time, their volume broke camp in the world's third largest. Rapid growth …Read more ...


    The urgency of implementing personal data protection in Ukraine (in English only)


    Source: “Vasil Kisil & Partners” In order, To read this article, please, Follow the link.Read more ...


    China has become the leader in the global smartphone market


    Source: Based Lenta.Ru China through the US in physical sales of smartphones, although the United States are leaders in the financial market volume. According to research company Strategy Analytics marketing, in the third quarter 2011 in China sold 24000000 smartphones, whereas in the US – only 23000000. As the general director of Strategy Analytics Neil Moston, China is […]Read more ...


    The Chinese market could become a salvation for Ukrainian rapeseed exports – experts


    This season will increase Chinese imports of rape 41%, to 1,8 million tons. Given the difficulties of domestic producers with the sale of this crop in the EU, suggests, Chinese demand will rescue. This opinion was expressed analysts "ProAgro", reports for… Read more ...


    Not guilty plea: Problems charging penalties for late payment of fines for violation of anticompetitive legislation


    Source: AT “Law firm” Vasil Kisil & Partners ” The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMK) through their bodies rather actively and publicly has assigned to it by the legislator with implementation of the state policy in the field of economic competition. As seen from the annual report for AMC 2009 and 2010 years, every year a growing number of decisions on recognition […]Read more ...


    row: China will help Ukraine to abandon the IMF loan


    Source: PBOC offered financial assistance to Ukraine instead of IMF loans. About this newspaper Kommersant-Ukraine in its material reshuffle in tranches. According to a source in the Ukrainian edition of the Central Bank, This may explain the statement of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov that, that Ukraine will live another year without the IMF loans. in addition, are the future […]Read more ...


    "Prospects for reform of national legislation for the establishment of employment for a specified period"


    As you know, labor contracts indefinitely stands guarantee labor rights of employees. This fundamental principle laid down in the labor legislation of the European Union and most countries. However, Recent international..Read more ...


    Chinese composition


    Source: Author: Ilya Fedotov cooperation of China and Russia and other CIS countries and Baltic States in the field of railway transport went this year to a new level. From talk of the possibility of using the former Soviet Union locomotives and freight wagons from China crossed the parties to the case – discuss and implement specific agreements. true, Chinese companies have […]Read more ...


    By the end of the year, China sold abroad goods on $ 150 billion more, than vveze


    Source: positive trade balance of China on the basis of 2011 year will $ 150 billion. This was reported in its forecast of the Ministry of Commerce of the Middle Kingdom. The document stresses, export growth prospects have deteriorated in an unfavorable economic environment. “The volume of exports and imports continue to rise 2012 year, but the growth rate will slow down compared with the 2011 […]Read more ...


    China attacks


    Source: “Invest” №41 Author: China Nurislam Zubayrov changing priorities. At the forefront of economic development Celestial go high-tech and knowledge-intensive industries. According to news agency "Xinhua", the country completed a program of production equipment, to be published by year's end. According to the document, aerospace industry, production equipment for the rail transport, for oceanographic engineering projects, automatic remote release […]Read more ...


    Will Beijing “purse” Europe


    On the eve of the opening Thursday in France summit "Big Twenty", which will be the main theme of the EU rescue, that pohruznuv in debt, the focus is thousands of miles from Europe, China. Beijing has become a real possibility 'purse’ to block,… Read more ...


    The minimum wage in China has increased by nearly 22%


    Source: Chinese authorities said, that at the end of September, the average minimum wage in most parts of the country increased by 21,7%. As the BBC BBC, upon receipt of this figure takes into account data 21 province and region of the Middle Kingdom (Only – 31). Among other, revealed, in Shenzhen City, adjacent to Hong Kong, the minimum monthly salary is $ 207. Increase […]Read more ...


    China moves the focus of foreign policy “hard” exposure to “soft power”


    Rising economic and military power of China, or, as it is called, 'Hard power', causing many caution, fear, if not outright fear, Despite all the assurances of Beijing's foreign policy of peace and the absence hehem…Read more ...


    The dollar trap for China


    China in August 'dropped’ US bonds of the State Reserve, belonging to him, in the amount of $36,5 billion. This is according to the American Finance, published on Tuesday in a report Treasury International Capital. This was the first such operation in the past … Read more ...


    Equipment to capture market // China boosted sales of coal products Engineering


    Source: “Kommersant Ukraine”, №167 (1 441), 17.10.2011 Author: Oleg Gavrish Ukrainian mining equipment manufacturers feel pressure from Chinese importers. According to MIP, YTD China 27 times increased import of equipment, and next year could increase it even tripled. Market participants blamed Chinese suppliers of dumping. But coal miners are afraid, what […]Read more ...


    Chinese yuan could become one of international currencies, and Russian Ruble – regional – IMF experts


    In the long term, the Chinese yuan could become one of international currencies, and Russian Ruble – regional. This is stated in the document released today to discuss IMF entitled 'Internationalization of Currency economies, developing: b…Read more ...


    China's foreign exchange reserves exceeded 3,2 trillion


    At the end of September, the total foreign exchange reserves of China, excluding the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau, reached $3 trillion 201,7 billion. By this measure China remains the world leader. Such data are published 14 October … Read more ...


    A billion Chinese citizens


    Source: Based Business Edition “Journal of China”, Author: Alexander Zotin urbanization and rising domestic consumption will be the main drivers of growth of the Chinese economy in the next few years, an opinion of most experts on China. The reason, export-oriented growth that China is not infinite – largely already exhausted its potential. The new point of economic progress – […]Read more ...


    Beijing warned Washington on resolving trade war


    Sino-US relations this week once again jolted. Not uschuhlo outrage over Beijing next tranche of Washington's Taiwan arms, as overseas decided to step on another 'Chinese callus', the Senate began consideration of the bill,… Read more ...

    IMF expects economic growth slowdown in China


    Experts International Monetary Fund (the som) predict, that in 2011 China, the growth will continue, but slightly reduced. Next year this figure will be 9,6%. As reported, GDP growth in China 2010 he reaches 10,5%. In the first half of this year, the growth rate of the Chinese economy were 11,1%. IN 2010-2011 years of growth of the Chinese economy will be two-thirds […]Read more ...


    Great low price strategy


    Source: Based Business Edition “Journal of China”, Author: Elena Mihina Build Your Dream – “Build your dream” – This is the full name of the Chinese car company BYD, the history of which is often called Chinese dream. Starting with the production of batteries for mobile phones, the company first broke into the lead on their production in the world, and then managed to become one […]Read more ...


    GDP growth in China 2011 p. exceed 9% – State Council


    The rate of growth in the Chinese economy 2011 p. exceed 9%. This forecast was made on Wednesday at a press conference the deputy head of the Research Center of the State Council Liu Chzhunyuan, Beijing reports UKRINFORM. The official denied the claim… Read more ...


    China invested nearly abroad 69 billion.


    IN 2010 , China increased its foreign investments on 21,7% and brought them to the volume $68,81 billion. Of these, investment in non-financial sector were $60,18 billion. According to the joint report of the Ministry of Finance, State Statistics and the Office of Currency Control, issued in a… Read more ...

    Changes to the law “On Telecommunications”


    27 July and 7 August 2011 in accordance came into force amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Telecommunications", were made to the law "On amendments to some laws of Ukraine on facilitating market access for telecommunications services’ (hereinafter - the "Law… Read more ...


    Volume of RMB settlement in cross-border trade with China exceeded 1,6 trillion yuan


    At the end of July ts.r. the total volume of transactions in the national currency calculations – RMB cross-border trade within China's reach 1,63 trillion yuan / 250,56 billion US /. This was announced by Deputy Director of the People's Bank of China / NSC, central bank … Read more ...


    a joint venture: ACT ONE, A TWO PERMITS?


    Recently, to protect the market position and obtain competitive advantages, entities in mergers and acquisitions transactions, with joint ventures, in employment contracts, as well as in many other cases conclude…Read more ...


    In China compiled Top 500 largest private enterprises


    China Association of Manufacturers and Traders published list 500 largest companies of the private sector for the economy of China 2010 p. The top three included technical limited company 'Huawei', Tszyansuska Steel Works' Sha… Read more ...


    The fight against counterfeit products in the field of sports


    Ukraine's legislation defines counterfeit products as goods or copies of works, phonograms or video recordings, produced, play, published, spread, others sold in violation of intellectual property rights. Production and p…Read more ...


    Throw network


    Source: ChinaPRO number of Internet users in China is twice the entire population of Russia and a half times – US population. The enormous scope, incredible growth and great potential to attract Chinese online market major players from around the world. In summer 2009 , the research company Forrester Research shared perspectives of development of the Internet in the next five years. According to her data, to […]Read more ...

    UKRAINE AND CHINA intensify cooperation in agriculture - the results of the working trip MINISTER


    Cooperation between Ukraine and China in agriculture will be a priority of trade and economic relations between the two countries. Such an agreement was reached during the official visit of the Minister of Agriculture and Food…Read more ...


    Law 3609-VI: VAT


    Source: Law Firm "Vasil Kisil & Partners' author: Ivan Yurchenko, For senior lawyer 2011 , the Code has undergone several minor adjustments, but supported by the Parliament 7 July and signed 1 August 2011 Law №3609-VI «On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and some other legislative acts of Ukraine concerning improvement of certain provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine" (further – "Law №3609-VI») […]Read more ...


    In China, there are 445900 enterprises with foreign capital


    Source: From January to June 2011 was in the People's Republic recorded 20000 new companies with foreign capital. It is 6,93% more, than in the first half 2010 Overall, the the end of June this year in the country are 445 900 business, established with foreign investment. Such data state industrial and commercial administration of China. Summary […]Read more ...


    China raised the yuan to 17-year high


    China's central bank amid concerns about the launch of the printing press in the US and increased risk of inflation acceleration yuan to 17-year high. According to the Chinese foreign exchange trading system, in the morning 9 Aug. yuan strengthened to 6,4170 yuan per dollar. … Read more ...


    Land reform: 5 tips


    Source: The economic truth from 5.08.2011 Author: Natalia Dotsenko-Belous One of the most valuable acquisitions of Ukrainian society as a result of reforms have experience – experience adapting to their surprise invasion of life and instability. Formed experience suggests, that virtually every reform in Ukraine – political and inevitable phenomenon; phenomenon, not always logical, and in some cases contradictory; […]Read more ...


    China urged to replace the dollar new reserve currency


    China, the largest US lender, attacked with sharp criticism of the US government due to their inability to prevent the fall of the credit rating and expressed confidence, that the world needs another reserve currency, can replace the dollar. Gone are the days, kol… Read more ...


    China Petroleum loss


    Source: By Business Journal ChinaPRO: Eugene Vlasov Quite symptomatic in terms of the Chinese program “go outside” information has become, recently published in business newspaper China 21 century business herald. The main message of this article – more than two-thirds of overseas projects of Chinese oil companies are unprofitable, and revenues from their oil to the Chinese market is negligible. Referring to the study of China […]Read more ...


    The ban foreign currency lending to consumers: expected outcomes


    Source: Law Firm "Vasil Kisil and Partners" 8 July 2011 Parliament of Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the settlement relationships between lenders and consumers of financial services” (Draft law number 7 351 from 10 November 2010 year), further – "Law", that legislators, among other innovations, finally banned foreign currency consumer […]Read more ...

    China will put the price index for iron ore in August


    Vice-chairman of the Chinese steel industry and steel / ensure / Zhang announced here today Chanfu, his association in the experimental procedure will bring the price index for iron ore in August,. As he said, This index, pi… Read more ...


    UKRAINE LEGISLATION: When buying planes in the shopping center has a number of specific features


    It should be noted, that the current situation, when after the completion of the shopping center and its commissioning of retail space is not leased, and transferred the ownership to third parties, – quite rare in the segment of trade… Read more ...


    LEGISLATION: Tax breaks for hotels on the eve of Euro 2012


    Source: Law Firm “Vasil Kisil & Partners” Author: Anna Sisetskaya, Attorney approaching Euro 2012, Ukraine suggests that implementation of a number of strict requirements of UEFA, including the possibility of placing all the guests arrived at the championship, extremely actualizes the development of hotel and recreational sector by launching effective legal mechanisms and government programs to stimulate economic. In recent years, public attention, […]Read more ...


    UKRAINE LEGISLATION: The lease can protect tenant rights


    The legislation of Ukraine guarantees the immutability of human tenant if a change of ownership of the leased property. In particular, no. 1 Article. 770 Civil Code provides, that in case of change of ownership of property, leased, transferred to the new owner all the rights and the binding… Read more ...

    Investment in Ukraine last year increased by 35% – UN Officials


    The inflow of foreign direct investment in Ukraine in 2010 grew by 35%. This is stated in the World Investment Report, prepared by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). According to the UN experts, this increase occurred due to improvement … Read more ...


    Chinese exports 2011 year may grow by 20%


    Exports from China may increase by 20% at 2011 year, and imports – increase by 24,5%, reducing the annual trade surplus to $ 157 billion from last year $ 183 billions, said Thursday the State Information Center. So, growth as exports, So …Read more ...


    China intends to diversify its foreign exchange reserves


    China will speed up the diversification of foreign exchange reserves, have reached $ 3,2 trillion , reported on Thursday China's state currency board (SAFE), adding, that does not seek large amounts of stocks. 'We will continue to diversify reserve assets and optimize devic…Read more ...

    The growth of trade between the hinterland of China and Hong Kong in the first half of this year amounted to 35 percent


    According to the latest Ministry of Commerce of China, In January-June the volume of trade between the hinterland of China and the Special Administrative Region / MONTHLY / Hong Kong reached 134 420 000 000 US $, that 35,6 percent more than in tog… Read more ...


    The IMF urged China to strengthen yuan


    International Monetary Fund (the som) the results of the annual analysis of the Chinese economy China urged the authorities not to hinder the strengthening of the Chinese national currency – yuan. However, the Executive Board of the IMF praised the Chinese economy stable base, which pidtrymuyet… Read more ...

    Guojia tongjiju

    The growth of the Chinese economy in the first half of this year was 9,6 percent - DSU China data


    The growth of the Chinese economy in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year was 9,6 percent. These data, published by the State Statistical Office / DSU / China. In particular, China's national economy in the first and second… Read more ...

    IN 2011 by Chinese imports could become much more


    President Viktor Yanukovych, This year the trade turnover between Ukraine and China could reach $ 10 billion. 'A business’ decided to analyze, products that Ukraine exports Celestial, and that Chinese goods imported to our market in 2010 year, according to Dana… Read more ...


    There were two friends / / Ukraine and China have agreed on strategic cooperation


    Today ends state visit to Ukraine the head of China Hu Jintao. The main outcome of his talks with the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych will Kyiv and Beijing declaration of the beginning of the era of strategic partnership. a …Read more ...


    The new "Silk Road" through Ukraine?


    A visit to Ukraine the head of China Hu Jintao, be held 18-20 June, may restrict declarations. Although the potential of bilateral cooperation velycheznyy.Kytay consider Ukraine as a threshold on the way to Europe. That is why last zatsik… Read more ...


    A positive trade balance of China in May ts.r. increased to 13,05 billion


    A positive trade balance of China in May this year has increased to 13,05 billion., reported today the country's main customs office, RBC. The present figure was more in April (11,4 billion.), but year on year locat… Read more ...


    The banking sector in China could become the largest in the world


    In the near future the bank may lose US market leadership position. After analyzing the state of the banking systems in different countries, audit and consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to 2023 predicts 1 place China. Currently whale…Read more ...


    View: project number 8531 inflict a serious blow to the principle of legal certainty in bankruptcy


    Author: Olga Ivanov, lawyer, Lawyer Law Firm "Vasil Kisil & Partners' key issue in the context of the bankruptcy procedure in Ukraine is miserably low economic efficiency of this procedure for creditors. For example, according to a joint project of the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation as of 01.06.2010 p, the average cost of bankruptcy procedure in Ukraine is 42% the market value […]Read more ...


    ACTUAL sketch


    Source: Lawyer and Law, 18.05.2011 – 24.05.2011, № 20 Author: Larisa Antoshchuk, Ivan Yurchenko how business can ease the burden, granted tax code in the form of actual checks when it comes to checking business tax inspectors, of accountants and legal experts there are diametrically opposed to the idea, how to behave in case of on the threshold and further action […]Read more ...


    wanted, how best, but it turned out, as always, or problems of legal regulation of franchising for Civil and Commercial Codes of Ukraine


    Though, what Civil and Commercial Codes ('CK’ and 'CC') should 'thank’ Institute for the appearance of franchising in Ukraine legislation, as always, 'Spoon with honey’ there were 'no spoon dohtyu'.Persh all, Ukrainian lawmakers batch…Read more ...


    Ukraine could disrupt the supply contract in China small landing craft


    Ukrainian special exporters concerned jeopardy big, of over $ 300 million, Contract with China in military-technical sphere (PTS) waiting for an appropriate response leadership to ensure fulfillment of the obligations in one of nayva… Read more ...


    The volume of Chinese exports increased by 30%


    In April 2011 p. foreign trade turnover reached the People's Republic of China $ 299,95 billion. It is 25,9% more, than in April 2010 p. The volume of Chinese exports increased by 29,9%, reaching $ 155,69 billion. Imports of Chinese companies increase… Read more ...


    Free Trade Agreement: LATEST “fashion trends” OR CURRENT TRADE PROMOTION MECHANISM?


    Author: Natalia Mykolska, Senior lawyer law firm "Vasil Kisil and Partners" Angela Makhinova, Lawyer Law Firm "Vasil Kisil and Partners" Alexander Tereshchenko, Lawyer Law Firm "Vasil Kisil and Partners" Currently, FTAs (“SST”) are the backbone of modern international trade. It is well known, that the free trade area and customs union facilitates the free movement of goods, increase investment attraction, […]Read more ...


    GEELY going to UKRAINE


    Ukrainian car dealers are betting on the Chinese model. As the, AIS group has launched four new models Geely brand. Ukrainian companies are waiting, that inexpensive Chinese products replace Russian. However, Chinese manufacturers will will make… Read more ...




    The trend of internationalization of the RMB will certainly become a 'financial revolution', which will provide a major impact on the world market. At the recently closed Boao Asian forum on the theme of 'internationalization of the Chinese yuan’ Interested caused great… Read more ...


    In China 2011 YEAR possibly some slowing growth in foreign trade


    IN 2011 p. expected overall improvement in conditions for foreign trade, but there is still a lot of uncertainties. As expected, throughout the year continued stable development of foreign trade and does not exclude the possibility of de… Read more ...


    China is winning EUROPE?


    Recently published data on the growth of Chinese economy in the first quarter of this year. The gain was about 10%, which not only indicates the intensity of China, but begins to disturb the Chinese leadership. It is China's economy, mainly, for export, and not for domestic consumption, and such high rates cause higher prices for food and housing […]Read more ...

    Fighting inflation CHINA forced to raise interest rates


    Today, 5 April, China's central bank raised interest rates for the second time this year, to cool price increases. Note, The annual inflation in China is near maximum 28 months, in November 2010 had reached 5,1 percent. expected, that the acceleration of price growth will continue in the coming months. Raising rates takes effect from 6 According to People in April […]Read more ...


    CORRESPONDENT: Lesson economy from Hong Kong and Singapore Azarov and his team


    Despite the lack of resources and minerals, Hong Kong and Singapore in the late twentieth century, made a rapid economic breakthrough, rocketed from bottom in the global top five countries in terms of GDP per capita. In Hong Kong and Singapore has never been oil, g… Read more ...

    2011-03-21 A

    Asia stock markets increased due to demand for shares, cheapened


    Stock markets in Asia were closed on Monday due to growing hunting players in action, which fell last week after the earthquake Yaponiyi.Zvedenyy index of Shanghai Stock Exchange Shanghai Composite rose 0,1% to 2.909,1 After lifting points… Read more ...

    Fundamental changes in the legal regulation of joint stock companies in UKRAINE


    2 March 2011 p. was officially published and came into force the Law of Ukraine on the improvement of the mechanism of joint stock companies 3 February 2011 p. №2994 VI (then - 'New Law'), with the exception of certain provisions, which shall be effective from 1 January… Read more ...


    IN 2010 CHINA GDP EXCEEDED SIX trillion


    IN 2010 China's GDP reached 39 trillion 798 billion 300 million yuan (about $ 6,05 trillion), an increase of 10,3% compared to 2009 rokom.Yak news agency Xinhua, This is stated in the published today the Journal Statistics, which contains data on socio-eq…Read more ...


    Stock index reached a two-month MAXIMUM OF CHINA, In Korea rose SAMSUNG SHARES


    The stock market rally in Asia showed on Monday after five consecutive sessions of decline, because expectations, that inflation in China will be below forecasts, raised the key Chinese stock index to a maximum of eight tyzhniv.Zvedenyy Shanghai Stock Index … Read more ...

    RESULTS 2010 The growth of China's economy accounted 10,3%


    China's National Bureau of Statistics published data, whereby the growth of the Chinese economy on the basis of 2010 year was 10,3%, which exceeded analysts' expectations, predicted that the figure of 8% .In 2009 China, the growth was 9,… Read more ...



    Stocks in China fell 3% after raising reserve requirements for banks last Friday to fight inflation and amid rumors of a tax on property in the collapse Shanhayi.U leaders were shares of developers and banks, a composite index Shanha… Read more ...



    Overview of Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation is a major component of external economic potential of Ukraine. Strategic partnership, launched the first stage of the friendly bilateral zv'zkiv, for…Read more ...

    COMMENTS ON THE LAW OF UKRAINE "On Personal Data Protection"


    We gradually and steadily closer to EU standards, as evidenced by the adoption of the Law of Ukraine Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data’ from 01 June 2010 year, which entered into force 01 January 2011 year. At the same time the law came in force… Read more ...

    CHINA intends to limit investments in infrastructure and real estate


    China 2011 , plans to limit the growth of investment in infrastructure construction at 20%, the newspaper Tszintszy huancha Bao, citing data from the State Committee of China Development and reform.Priorytet with capital investment will be given to the construction co… Read more ...


    IN 2011 , China will strengthen monetary policy in the country


    The Communist Party of China decided, which in China 2011 year will be marked strengthening of monetary policy. According to Xinhua News Agency, Politburo of the CPC Central Committee led by General Secretary Hu Jintao following the meeting decided Lane… Read more ...

    New in personal data protection in employment


    Today data protection in Ukraine is governed by Article. 32 Constitution of Ukraine, Article. 23, 31 Law "On Information’ and Art. 200, 302 Civil Code of Ukraine. Under current law, allowed to collect, process, store and use claim… Read more ...


    "Prospects for reform of national legislation for the establishment of employment for a specified period" (continuation)


    Features conclude fixed-term contracts under current labor laws. More legal grounds for concluding fixed-term contracts from the substance of the article 23 Labor Code of Ukraine 10.12.1971 was amended … Read more ...

    Capital inflows to China revived Asian markets


    Asian stock markets were closed Thursday for increased amid heavy inflows of investment capital in China and a weakening yen to dolara.Spozhyvcha inflation in China was 4,4% YTD through October compared with 3,6% in September, reported…Read more ...

    Spoke in the wheel, Or customs barriers to trade


    Understanding the benefits of free trade and the need to ensure the smooth circulation of goods was a precondition for the conclusion of multilateral trade agreements under the World Trade Organization ("OCR") and regulation in the customs legislation of each Member State WTO manner of goods across the customs border. Ukraine joined the Marrakesh Agreement establishing the WTO and multilateral trade agreements under the Law of Ukraine "On ratification of the Protocol […]Read more ...


    In the first 9 PROFIT months of this year grew by Bank of China 27%


    In the first nine months 2010 the net profit of the Bank of China rose 27,48 percent compared with the same period last year and reached 82960 million yuan (12380000000 USD). This was announced on the eve Bank Kytayu.Za this period of time the yield … Read more ...

    US and China will help Europe get out of debt crisis


    United States and China agreed European Union support in getting out of debt crisis. An appropriate statement was made today head of the People's Bank of China (Central Bank of China) Zhou Xiaochuan on US-China conference in Beijing. According to him, during a summit in Beijing and Washington have agreed to conduct joint work to support the European Union's exit from debt crisis, RBC […]Read more ...

    Residents of the richest cities in China have set a limit on the purchase of apartments


    The largest Chinese city of Shanghai, China banned buy an apartment on the third family in addition to two nayavnyh.Vkazana prohibition applies to both primary, and second homes, Reuters reports. According to, Shanghai Administration notes, what… Read more ...

    To 2015 D. China's urban population EXCEED THE AGRICULTURE


    TO 2015 , the urban population will exceed the rural China. A u 2030 level of urbanization, the Chinese residents reach 65%. expected, that in twenty years the urban population will increase by Celestial 300 million people. Now the country has 654 town, are home 46,59% population. In quantitative terms, this figure rises 621 million people. As you know, […]Read more ...

    Oil prices rose on a background of positive data CHINA


    Oil prices rose significantly on Wednesday, 9 June, against the background of evidence of further economic growth in China. Support is also provided regular market data on oil and petroleum products in the US, have demonstrated reduction of oil, and the weakening of the dollar against major currencies. Following the auction on Wednesday on the New York Mercantile Exchange the price of futures contract […]Read more ...

    THROUGH 20 China will be the leader YEARS IN ALL RELATIONS


    Global investors predict China's global leadership through 20 years. And the main role here will play a strong inflow of capital from abroad. However, some analysts predict, that the rapid growth of the Chinese economy will undermine some sectors of the economies of competitors. The most optimistic in their assessments of the future of the Chinese European investors. They believe, China provides a good opportunity for long-term investments. many […]Read more ...

    Industrial production in China continues to grow


    The consumer price index in China rose in August 3,5% over the same period last year, a record for the last 22 months, The State Statistical Office reported (GSU) PRC. In July, consumer price inflation reached 3,3%, in August compared with July 2010 the dynamics of price growth in China has been on 0,2 pp […]Read more ...

    Media: CHINA RESERVES two-thirds of foreign exchange reserves in dollars


    Beijing revealed the structure of its foreign exchange reserves, which totaled 2450 billion. Two-thirds of reserves (65%) is in US dollars, 26% – in EUR, 5% – in pounds sterling and 3% – in Japanese Yen, RBC daily. Information on the reserves is a state secret, but nevertheless the data on their structure last week […]Read more ...

    The volume of trade between Japan and China reached a record high


    As a result of active export cars to China amount Sino-Japanese trade from January to June reached a record high – on 34% compared to the same period last year. As the Japanese Organization of Foreign Trade, the volume of trade between Japan and China from January to June exceeded $ 138 300 000 000, an increase of […]Read more ...



    China is fighting for the title industrialized nations. In many ways (not only in terms of per capita!) It is quite complies with this status. Increasing production, and rising wages of Chinese workers (reducing the basic competitive advantage of their country). Even the birth rate in China fell to “postindustrial” equal (what, true, China will soon create big problems). And now new […]Read more ...

    In frolicking buildings in China can settle Russia, Ukraine and Belarus


    According to reports from Beijing, state electric grid Corporation of China (GRSS) recently published a "mysterious" report. It follows, that in 65,4 million. houses and apartments in 660 cities across the country over the past six months were marked zero power consumption. This means, that they have no one lives. In a number of buildings could be easily accommodated […]Read more ...

    Named the largest energy consumer in the World


    The International Energy Agency (MEA) published a report on energy consumption, which implies, the biggest consumer of energy for the last 2009 became Kytay.Tak, According to the ministry, Celestial consumed last year 2,252 … Read more ...

    CHINESE ACTION gone according to plan


    At the Shanghai Stock Exchange yesterday began trading shares of Chinese bank Agricultural Bank of China, from the IPO is waiting for world record. On the first day of trading, they rose by only 0,8%, while the expected growth in 5-10%. Weak start a potential champion was caused by a general negative background, prevailed yesterday in Asian areas through message slowdown […]Read more ...

    GDP growth in China this year surpassed 11%


    China's GDP growth in the first half was 11,1%, said Thursday the official representative of the State Statistical Bureau of China Shen Layyun. GDP from January to June this year was 17,28 trillion yuan (2,55 trillion). Earlier anal…Read more ...

    Chinese banks exceed CITIGROUP AND GOLDMAN SACHS


    Selhozbanka Chinese IPO Agricultural Bank of China can not but be a record, experts: otherwise the Chinese authorities risk losing face. Record IPO Agricultural Bank of China Agricultural Bank of China (AGBank) confirmed for global growth investor confidence in China's economy. While European banks can only dream about bringing this amount of capital, which […]Read more ...

    CHINESE monetary policy appears on prices


    Technology company deftly move production around the world to find the most favorable conditions. Apparently, Now they have to make the next leap in this direction, пише Dow Jones Newswires. Bank of China on Saturday, he intends to continue reform of exchange rate policy and increase the RMB exchange rate flexibility. The statement, posted on the Bank's website, states, what […]Read more ...

    TREASURIES: China central bank interventions compression can reduce PURCHASE UST


    Monday, 21 June, market US Treasury bonds was the first reaction of investors to the decision of the Bank of China. It was to lower prices and increase profitability UST. However, analysts disagree on future market reaction. As experts “Veles Capital”, Monday the price of US Treasury bonds fell on news the central bank readiness China […]Read more ...

    Thai Lesson for China


    Whatever the consequences of political instability in Thailand, they promote democracy in China. Image demonstrators, acting in support of democracy, and further military intervention in downtown Bangkok have been openly shown in… Read more ...

    IN CHINA FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS Drought change the flow of rivers


    Chinese scientists have started an ambitious project, aimed at solving the problem with a lot of water in the south and droughts in the flow of rivers pivnochi.Rozvorot plan to complete 2014 year. Now environmentalists can not predict the possible… Read more ...

    POPULATION BY CHINA 30 YEARS start contracting


    After 2040 China's population will begin to decline and are unlikely to ever exceed the mark 1,5 billion people. It is reported by Xinhua News Agency, citing the head of the Chinese Center for Demographic Studies Jian Veypina. 'The total fertility…Read more ...

    China's trade surplus has decreased dramatically


    The Chinese economy is experiencing difficulties. The positive balance of foreign trade in China in April this year was 1,68 billion, that 87% Less, the previous year. It is reported by Xinhua News Agency, referring to the customs administration. for… Read more ...

    EXPERTS: CHINA experiencing a weakening housing market without losing


    China's economy can withstand a slowdown in the housing market, since China homeowners pay using leverage much lower cost housing, than in developed countries. Said analyst Michael Goldman Bushanan in Hong Kong…Read more ...

    Chinese dragon military system


    modern China, despite its openness and progress in economic development, – It is still a "thing in itself", for all, for ordinary people, and for experts and politicians, which can not remain indifferent, when it comes to this gosudars…Read more ...



    Though, that diplomatic relations and economic cooperation between the People's Republic of African countries have already more than half a century of history, level of relations, achieved over the last decade can without exaggeration be called historically high. This crisis 2008-2009 years. not only twisted successful trend of interaction of representatives of the Global South, but also a number of reasons provided her […]Read more ...

    Scientists have discovered genes, Allowing the Tibetans to survive AT oxygen deficiency


    Tibetans can successfully survive at very high altitude, where residents Plains due to lack of oxygen could seriously ill. This phenomenon is due to two genetic mutations, holding hemoglobin levels low, said in a stud… Read more ...

    Leader in IPO in the first quarter ts.r. was China, – analysts


    More 60% with 267 IPO in the first quarter 2010 p. carried out by companies from Asia, a leader in the number of IPOs was China. This is stated in the report ErnstYoung. The total amount of listings in the first quarter ts.r. – 53,2 billion. For comparison – for anal… Read more ...

    To change the monetary policy China is now not the best time


    Analysts: economic arguments in favor of strengthening the yuan is not very convincing. In recent days, pressure, concerning exchange rate policy of China, significantly increased. US lawmakers threatened to impose trade tariffs on goods from China, if Beijing does not pereotsi…Read more ...

    At BSYAHY China's exports increased by 45% IN FEBRUARY


    The volume of foreign trade of China rose 45,2% in February 2010 year, China Daily reported citing the General Customs Administration of the country. So, exports of goods in February was $ 94,52 billion. At the same time imports increased by 44%, to $ 86,91 billion…Read more ...

    Analysts believe the rapid revaluation of the Chinese yuan


    Talk about appreciation of the yuan must now styhnuty. No political, or economic factors do not indicate, the time for this step came. It does not matter, that the revaluation of the yuan would be in the US or the eurozone. Essentially, as the global economic recovery etc.… Read more ...

    China will offer their money Ukraine?


    China in the struggle for economic potential Ukrayiny.Pro it writes Le Temps, reports InoPressa. 'Obviously, that in a, when Ukraine is subject to severe economic and social crisis, its traditional partners are unable to meet its FY…Read more ...



    Ukrainian steel industry this year will lose a significant part of the Middle East market, but in general will be able to increase sales. The metal has long been considered the foundation of Ukrainian economy. And if steelmakers became ill, it was all bad. Their strong welfare …Read more ...

    BENEFITS IN UKRAINE "The Chinese Renaissance"


    Journal of professional traders forex / forex / - 'Exchange leader’ published an article, tells about the revival of the great Chinese nation, on the causes of 'economic miracle’ China, 30-rapid annual growth which continues to excite eco minds… Read more ...

    Real owner CHINA


    national leader / CHINA Little Helmsman great country saved from starvation because of indifference to the 'color of cats'. 'Does not matter, black cat or white. If it can catch mice - a beautiful cat '. His famous phrase architect 'see Chinese economic…Read more ...

    China wants to buy "sick" UKRAINE


    After Africa and Latin America China draws the eyes to the fringes of Europe. The era of European and Russian spheres of influence in Ukraine, seems, left in the past. But will the Chinese medical loans rather, to 'patient’ went on the mend? Ukraine… Read more ...

    CHINA bedside UKRAINE


    Le Temps China is beginning to show interest in the European periphery. The era of the struggle and the European Union for influence in Ukraine, like, past. But whether "Chinese medicine’ save 'European patients'? As noted by Le Temps, pro, proyevropeys…Read more ...

    UKRAINE AND CHINA taken the fourth highest number of launches


    Ukraine shares with China the fourth largest number of launches in 2009 g., notify the National Space Agency of Ukraine (NKAW). Holders of Ukrainian development started six times. All launches successfully completed. In particular, 30 January 2009 p. with russian…Read more ...

    UKRAINE found richer SECOND, THAN US, EU and Russia


    KIEV, 8 January. Ukrainian foreign policy interests may no longer be limited to a triangle Washington - Brussels - Moscow. So presidential candidate in Ukraine Tihipko commented on the information that, that the outcome 2009 year export volume…Read more ...

    "WORLD FACTORY" shocked


    The sharp decline in global demand has forced manufacturers' world factory’ in southern China think, what to do with surplus production and human resources? Swimming in the pond tea should calm the nerves, but Dan still experiencing Lyuhan. 'My …Read more ...