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    AUKS provides customs brokerage services for import of goods from China to Ukraine (including transit through Europe). Help professionals, who possess the necessary legal knowledge and experience of customs documents, saves time and money, and provide efficiency regulated procedures.

    The main activities:

    – customs services;
    – customs clearance;
    – approvals;
    – FEA consulting.

    We provide a range of services:

    – Accreditation / pereakredytatsiya enterprises;
    – customs clearance of import and export cargoes;
    – customs clearance of goods of all kinds;
    – obtaining necessary permits: returns, certificates;
    – consultancy services in the field of customs legislation and FEA.


    З кожним клієнтом ми працюємо на індивідуальних умовах, based on loyalty and personal approach. Prices brokerage You can find out by calling in contacts, or send us mail.

    *The service is a partner of the Association

    On admission to the Association is able to enjoy privileges.

    For full members AUKS: brokerage, release for free circulation of goods previously imported or things, the continuation and / or closure of the temporary admission, decisions on customs clearance of exports and imports, Optimization of customs duties.

    For associate members AUKS: Advisory support in addressing issues of broker for release for free circulation of goods previously imported or things, the continuation and / or closing of temporary admission, customs clearance of exports and imports, optimization of customs duties.

    For more information on the list of AUKS privileges of membership, please contact us by phone (044) 285 70 52 or by e-mail:


    +38 (093) 056 10 57


    If you called us on the weekend or after 17:00 and you have not answered, We apologize and we ask you to call back during business hours.

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