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    Five major competitors Trump: Why wait for Ukraine in case of change of US President


    chaos, mess, uncertainty - in such circumstances, the Democratic Party began to choose their opponents in the election of Donald Trump 2020.

    The reason - a serious delay in the counting of votes in Iowa, where on Monday held the first caucus, that party members vote, where those elected presidential candidate. Instead of the expected hours of vote counting dragged on through the night. At the headquarters urging Democrats, that external interference in the calculation was not, Nobody protocols “rewrites”, instead failed in the transmission system results in “polling stations”.

    But this story, which became a topic for US media №1, has become a stain on the image of Democrats Staff, and also a cause for jokes, they say, “elections in the Democratic Party won Donald Trump”.

    However, voting in Iowa - is only the beginning of the road. In the coming months, all other party members must determine state, who will be their official candidate and main rival Donald Trump in the presidential elections, to be held 3 November.

    Too early to say, whether Trump to win this election. But we can assert with confidence, that in the event of losing the US policy towards Russia and Ukraine will change.

    All the most popular candidates criticized Trump on a warm relationship with Putin. idea, that Ukraine, not Russia, entered the US elections, consider outright crazy. Meanwhile, some Democrats sufficiently restrained to enhance military support to Ukraine. Although not all, are exceptions.

    “European truth” sorted, that are ready to go to the Democratic candidate, to stop the war in Ukraine, and how they will interact with Russia.

    Joe Biden

    Among Democrats, there is none, who would know better Ukraine, than Joe Biden. And he not only knows us, but understands. During two terms as Vice President US Obama administration has proved, it really is a true friend of the Ukrainian people.

    Immediately after the occupation of the Crimea and the beginning of Russian aggression in Donbas Biden was in charge of supporting Ukraine in the White House. He regularly flew to Kyiv, coordinated package of US aid. Biden was in close contact with the Ukrainian authorities, argued that the reforms - once even admitted, who carried on a telephone conversation with Kyiv for two or three hours a week. Since the beginning of Russian aggression Biden would have allocated Ukraine lethal weapons.

    His position was supported by then almost all of Obama advisers, but the president feared escalation with Russia and decided only on penalties. However, Biden still made, Obama dispatched to Ukraine 100 American soldiers training for our military.

    Such attention to Ukraine has explained: Biden sincerely believed and continues to believe in the critical role of our country in deterring Putin. That is why it supports the strengthening of the eastern flank of NATO and Ukraine's membership in NATO - even if it irritate Russia.

    While Biden's willingness to invest time in supporting Ukraine did not mean readiness to forgive mistakes Kyiv.

    He is not “pankavsya” with the Ukrainian authorities, especially when optimism about the latest reform intentions weathered. And his words “cancer of corruption”, a struggle which is no less important, than resisting Russian aggression, became aphorism.

    Two years ago, Biden revealed the story of, he secured the release corrupt, to convince the West, Attorney General Shokina, threatening Poroshenko, that the country loses billion of bank guarantees. “If your Attorney General will not be released (till the end of the day), you do not get money. And the son of a bitch was released”, - he told me with a laugh. But the story turned up problems for itself Biden: it has adopted Donald Trump, for which Biden remains one of the dangerous rivals in the upcoming elections.

    What Biden candidate promises Ukraine today?

    More security assistance, including weapons. Expansion of US military training mission. Strengthening the role of States in negotiations with Russia. And if necessary - expansion of anti-Russian sanctions.

    He also wants to work on increasing direct investment and Western support for Ukraine's energy independence.

    And all the help Biden Ukraine promises to negotiate anti-corruption reforms.

    Bernie Sanders

    Senator from Vermont - the exact opposite Biden. They are united unless similar age: Sanders - 78 years, His opponents - 77.

    But the views on the governance like much less. Bernie Sanders - representative of the leftmost Dempartiyi US. He sometimes called himself a socialist, and in the early 1980s was even active in the American Communist Party - Socialist Party of Workers. Socialism and permeated his whole approach to economic issues and domestic US policy - the fight against poverty, guaranteed social protection, protection of workers' rights, etc..

    And for us it is the most important foreign policy.

    After the annexation of Crimea Sanders backed Obama's cautious approach towards Russia. He believed, that force - the last resort, which are used USA, and not moved away from that position still.

    Sanders opposes US participation in armed conflicts around the world and wants to cut defense spending. “Our goal - to restructure the UN, State Department, make sure, we are able to unite the world, to resolve international conflicts through diplomatic channels, and stop the endless war”, - he said last month during the debate.

    And Sanders has long opposed NATO expansion. Expansion by Ukraine and Georgia - and even more so.

    Strengthening the eastern flank (presence in the Baltic, Poland, etc.) He generally supports, but says, he did not want to give Russia drives clang arms, if the Alliance replenished with new members.

    Against this background notable is his idea to create a new alliance, a sort of substitute for NATO, including Russia there ...! This proposal was made by Sanders in 2015 year after the terrorist attacks in Paris. “We must work with our NATO partners and expand our coalition, to include it in Russia and members of the Arab League”, - He offered his version of the fight against extremism and terrorism.

    However - as strange as it sounds - Senator Sanders is not pro. His position on Russia can be described as follows: containment and pressure - so, escalation - no and again no.

    He is convinced, Kremlin intervened in the US elections, and calls Putin “antidemocratic authoritarian ruler”.

    In the event of further aggression Sanders Russia promises to tighten anti-Russian sanctions. In this context it is worth mentioning remarkable fact of his biography. Sanders was one of two senators, which in July 2017 year voted against the new anti-Russian sanctions law “On combating opponents by American Sanctions” (CAATSA). The document was directed against Iran, but also contained sanctions against Russia and North Korea. Then the Senator explained, that sanctions against Russia it supports, and new restrictions on Iran - no, because they threaten nuclear deal, which sought to destroy Donald Trump (and from which he successfully led States next year).

    As for cooperation with the new Ukrainian government, Sanders is planning to implement to help fulfill the promise of reform and root out corruption.

    Elizabeth Warren

    Senator from Massachusetts is the youngest of three leaders, but the “youth” can speak only in comparison. Her - 70 years.

    Warren is a member of the Senate Committee on Armed Forces, and so well-versed in Ukrainian, and Russian issues.

    Warren stands for, To enhance the security of NATO allies, which directly threatens Russia, and simultaneously maintain Ukraine.

    The key point of the program Warren, which explains its vision of solving the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, is a: “In the end, Ukraine and Russia will negotiate peace, and my administration will focus on creating the conditions for successful negotiations”.

    These conditions, obviously, including further pressure on Russia sanctions.

    “Arms against the dictator”, as Senator calls Vladimir Putin, should not be military, and economic and diplomatic means. By the way, when Trump in 2017 he delayed implementation of anti-Russian restrictions, approved by Congress, Warren attacked him for it.

    She insists: Kyiv has a serious attitude to reforms, because Russia uses corrupt elites, to weaken Ukraine.

    Warren, as Sanders, wants to cut US defense budget, and minimize military activity in the world. Among its election promises - to return all American combat troops home. And she introduced a bill, to guarantee, that the United States would not use nuclear weapons first in case of a future war.

    Peter Butedzhedzh

    Next candidate – completely different. The young politician, 38-year-old mayor of the town South Bend in Indiana in November sensationally came in first place in the polls in Iowa. Media wrote about him as a candidate, that is really able to challenge Trump. Attached millions in advertising and constant presence in the state - reasons for the rise.

    And this is not about big money sponsors. Butedzhedzh puts records to collect small donations from voters, that he believed.

    In recent weeks the hand Butedzhedzhu played impeach president, Senate candidates because through it “stuck” Washington. So much funny: Elizabeth Warren campaigned for her dog. Meanwhile, a young charismatic mayor could easily capture the attention of voters in person.

    Butedzhedzh served seven years in the US military reserve. Later, There are as mayor, was mobilized and seven months left to serve Lieutenant of Naval Intelligence in Afghanistan. This experience made him cautious about the use of military force - but this pacifist, as Sanders or Warren, he did not.

    Russian aggression in Ukraine Butedzhedzh calls “attack the global order”. He promises to maintain tough sanctions on Russia, and yet not leave the Donbass and Crimea will not return. Butedzhedzh Russia Party considers Minsk agreements and imposes on it a duty to peacefully resolve the conflict with Ukraine.

    He also supports military assistance to Ukraine and sale of defensive arms. According candidate, US should not shy away from helping, when democracy at the heart of Europe attacked.

    The attitude of Russia and Vladimir Putin in his hard. According to him, Russia is a shining example, what's going on, when the country is trying to establish capitalism without democracy.

    “Nationalism, xenophobia, homophobia and repression of the press is a deep concern in this country”, - says politician, who also understands the importance of such things, equality and human rights, because it is an open gay.

    not great, that the Young Democrats angered Trump crony relationships with foreign dictators, including Putin. But after meeting the presidents of the US and Russia in Helsinki Butedzhedzh general urged the president to resign.

    Michael Bloomberg

    Long-term mayor of New York entered the race at the latest, in November 2019 year, and it did not prevent the 77-year-old Bloomberg grow rapidly and reach the fourth place in national polls. The reason - the billionaire's fortune. Only two months he spent on the campaign over 188 millions of dollars.

    By the way, you see Bloomberg lists of candidates in Iowa and three other states, where the caucus / primary held in February. The billionaire decided to skip these first vote and to focus its resources in a dozen states, who will vote in the so-called “supervivtorok” 3 March.

    Unlike its competitors, Former mayor says little about foreign policy. When they mention, it is mostly about business, which took care of the head of the chair of New York. The site has a section of his campaign “Foreign Policy”, but they did not find a candidate views on international issues.

    Yet some statements Bloomberg media and Answers, he gave experts the magazine Foreign Affairs, suggest, he is committed to Ukraine.

    Bloomberg supports the provision of Kyiv defense weapons and security assistance, but considers, which should encourage Ukraine to carry out necessary reforms.

    Before the summit Trump and Putin in Helsinki, he made a devastating criticism of US President. Bloomberg then wrote, The weakening of anti-Russian sanctions or recognition of the annexation of Crimea would “monumental mistake” - the same, as the smallest signal to Russia, that Ukraine will never become a member of NATO.

    “European truth”


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