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    ASEAN has become China's largest trading partner


    Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) recorded high levels of trade with China, which makes the association China's largest trading partner in a crisis, which continues, caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, reports Antara. "The COVID-19 pandemic did not prevent both sides from strengthening business relations", – said Chinese Ambassador to ASEAN Deng Xijun at a forum in Jakarta. «У торгівлі між АСЕАН і Китаєм […]Read more ...


    Ukraine is rapidly increasing the export of berries to Europe and China


    Ukrainian berries have significantly increased sales of frozen foods to EU countries. In the first four months 2020 year, exports of Ukrainian frozen berries increased by 20% compared to December 2019 and on 37% - compared to the same period last year, повідомляє What to buy? Who buys? Among Ukrainian berries, the greatest demand in the EU for strawberries, експорт якої збільшився […]Read more ...

    epa01865575 Workmen load steel tubes in a metals wholesale market in Shenyang, northeast China 18 September 2009. U.S. Steel has asked President Obama to impose 90% duties on imports of Chinese steel tubes which it alleges are being dumped at prices below the cost of production.  EPA/MARK

    Ukraine has imposed a duty on polymers, pipes from China and matches from Russia and Belarus


    22 In May, the Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade imposed anti-dumping duties on pipes (51,52%) from China, на сірники з Білорусі (21,32%) and the Russian Federation (45,79%) as well as polymers (18%) незалежно від країни походження. Про це повідомляє пресслужба Мінекономіки. The following anti-dumping duty rates are currently established: Final approved 51,52 % duties on imports of steel seamless hot-deformed pipes, походженням з […]Read more ...


    China plans to send a rover to explore Mars in July


    China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (HELMET) - the main contractor of the space program of the People's Republic of China - announced plans to land a space mission on Mars as part of a remote-controlled robot in July this year. China's Tianmen Mars Exploration Program aims to orbit the Red Planet and explore its surface with the help of a robot, передає AFP. […]Read more ...


    Ukraine has become the fifth country in the world, where ELISA tests for antibodies to COVID-19 were developed


    Ukraine has become the fifth country in the world, scientists and physicians have managed to develop their own enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay systems to detect antibodies to coronavirus in humans. Olga Bogomolets, the head of the Health Committee, wrote about this on Facebook, reports UNN. “Коли писала матеріал про підхід Ізраїлю до боротьби з COVID-19 подумала, що варто зазначити і про українських дослідників та організації, що зробили свій внесок […]Read more ...


    Energomashspetsstal has made a unique product for the Chinese nuclear power plant


    In PJSC "Energomashspetsstal" (EMSS) successfully tested a unique product - the shell of the core of the reactor vessel for the unit of the Chinese nuclear power plant "Tianwan". Про це повідомили на сайті краматорського підприємства. PJSC "Energomashspetsstal" received a unique product - "Shells of the core of the reactor vessel" for the unit №7 of the NPP "Tianwan" (China). Перевірка даного виробу пройшла на майданчику ПАТ «ЕМСС» в присутності представників […]Read more ...


    Demand for Chinese cars has grown in Ukraine


    Currently, the Ukrainian car industry is in decline and, Consequently, cannot meet the needs of the country's motorists. As a result, the lion's share of vehicles are imported from abroad. Of course, найбільшу кількість авто ввозять із країн Європи та США, but recently there has been a growing demand for cars from China. From the beginning of the year it was imported to Ukraine from China 945 […]Read more ...


    Chinese innovation corporation ZTE became the first business resident “HTZ Ecopolis” Yaroslavsky


    14 May 2020 year, група DCH Олександра Ярославського уклала Меморандум про співпрацю з однією з найбільших китайський корпорацій — ZTE Сorporation. Про це повідомляють обидві сторони домовленості. Після підписання Меморандуму корпорація ZTE стала першим бізнес-резидентом “Екополіс ХТЗ” в складі індустріального парку (industrial cluster) і технопарку (IT і R&D-clusters). В якості перспективних напрямків співпраці позначені створення на території “Екополіс ХТЗ” офісу ZTE, R&D-центру та виробничої площадки. Олександр Ярославський подякував […]Read more ...


    China has tested a 3D printer in space


    Space 3D printer, independently created by China, і два надрукованих їм на орбіті зразка успішно були повернуті на Землю. На Землю їх доставила капсула китайського пілотованого космічного корабля нового покоління, який був запущений в минулий вівторок, розповіли в Китайській академії космічних технологій (CACT). Це перший в своєму роді тест для Китаю і для всього світу, в якому було здійснено орбітальний 3D-друк з використанням безперервних полімерних […]Read more ...


    We are interested in relocating Asian companies to Ukrainian territory, - Kuleba


    Ukrainian diplomats in Asia are studying, which business is considering the possibility of transferring their businesses. Ukraine is most interested in Indonesian factories, Thailand, China and Vietnam. Ukraine has a unique opportunity - it is free trade with the EU. Therefore, the products will be able to enter not only the domestic and global markets, but also on the EU market. Про це повідомив міністр закордонних справ України […]Read more ...


    Naftogaz announces the third plane with a charity cargo by the end of the month


    NAC “Naftogaz Ukraine” waiting, that by the end of May the third plane from the People's Republic of China with the charitable cargo for fight against a coronavirus will arrive to Ukraine. The chairman of the board of NJSC Andrey Kobolev told about it during a meeting of the Mriya plane with the charitable cargo of Naftogaz, UKRINFORM correspondent. “Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, he has been actively cooperating with healthcare facilities, з Міністерством […]Read more ...


    Chinese businessmen handed hospitals to Dnipropetrovsk 40 of IVL devices


    Dnepropetrovsk hospitals were transferred 40 artificial ventilation apparatus. This is help from the partners of Yuzhnoye CB, the Chinese company Hongda Blasting Company. The equipment will help to save the region's inhabitants, patients with coronavirus. This was reported by the chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Alexander Bondarenko, інформує пресслужба Дніпропетровської ОДА. “Наш космічний гігант – Конструкторське бюро «Південне» – домовився з китайськими бізнес-партнерами про безкоштовну передачу регіону […]Read more ...


    Wuhan International Online Exhibition, dedicated to the pandemic


    Wuhan launches international unlocked online exhibition in Wuhan, dedicated to pandemics and health issues. Про це повідомляє посольство України в Китаї. "Artists from all over the world, being in a pandemic caused by a quarantine coronavirus disease, undertook to translate their feelings into works of art, to encourage one another and us with you », – According to the report. Online Exhibition "Unblocked" / […]Read more ...


    Cooperation in the field of education continues despite the pandemic


    The pandemic of the coronavirus disease creates many obstacles to international cooperation. Fortunately, these obstacles can be overcome by persistence and strong friendly relationships between the parties involved, one of the successful examples of what telemarketers can serve, organized 22 April this year. Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine) with Zhejiang University of Economics and Finance (PRC) за підтримки Посольства України в […]Read more ...


    The Chinese city of Chengdu will help Lviv fight the coronavirus


    The Chinese city of Chengdu, which is a partner of Lviv, agreed to assist the cultural capital of Ukraine in the fight against coronavirus. About it reports UNN with reference to the press service of the Lviv city council. “Letter of Willingness to Help Fight COVID-19 Mayor of Chengdu City of China in Response to Address of Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy. Chengdu Mayor Lo Qiang noted, what […]Read more ...


    State Grain Corporation transferred personal protective equipment from China


    China National Corporation of Machine Industry and General Contractors (SSES) handed over to employees of the State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine (DPZKU) 10 thousands of protective masks and respirators. Про це повідомляє пресслужба ДПЗКУ. "Personal protective equipment and disinfectants are most effective in combating the spread of coronavirus infection. Representatives of the Chinese SSEC corporation assisted to replenish their supplies for employees of the SCPC, who passed 10 […]Read more ...


    Chinese scientists declare successful trial of COVID-19 vaccine


    Chinese scientists declare successful trials of inactivated coronavirus infection vaccine in mice, rats and monkeys. Попередні результати свої дослідів науковці опублікували в електронній науковій бібліотеці bioRxiv «Ми організували пілотне виробництво очищеної інактивованої вакцини PiCoVacc, which forced the body of mice, rats and primates produce antibodies, capable of neutralizing at least ten different strains of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Малі і великі […]Read more ...


    The Italians in the video thanked Ukraine for helping to combat COVID-19


    The Province of Lombardy in Italy has released a video thanking the countries, who helped fight COVID-19, Ukraine is among them. Про це УНН повідомляє з посиланням на пресслужбу Ломбардії у Facebook. “Just thank you. From Governor Attilio Fontana and all Lombardy residents for solidarity, received from many countries, who decided to stand alongside Lombardy in this battle ”, — […]Read more ...


    Hungary provided medical aid to Transcarpathia


    Within the framework of the international cooperation of Ukraine and Hungary, Transcarpathia received humanitarian assistance from medical remedies for 17 hospitals area. Про це повідомили в Закарпатській облдержадміністрації. Igor Shinkaryuk, Deputy Chairman of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration: “Weeks of serious work, coordination and assistance at the highest levels of government, flawless planning and execution. Result – гуманітарний вантаж для боротьби з COVID-19 від наших […]Read more ...


    Ukraine has agreed on a telematic with Chinese doctors


    Chinese doctors will be able to share the Ukrainian experience in combating SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Про це під час брифінгу повідомив міністр охорони здоров’я Максим Степанов. “Yesterday during a conversation with the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, we agreed on a telemaster between Chinese doctors and Ukrainian doctors. We are now building the format of this television bridge. Our task – in order to […]Read more ...