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    International Exhibition of Grain Industry, logistics, tech processing and storage units

    International Exhibition of Grain Industry, logistics, technologies of processing and storage of grain and oilseeds 11th China International Grain & Oil Products, Grain & Oil Processing and Storage Logistics Technology Expo або коротко IGPE 2020 will be held in Beijing 26 by 28 October.

    The purpose of the event – demonstration of the latest global trends and current market instruments in the global grain market, the introduction of advanced technologies and technical achievements in the domestic grain industry and promoting the growth and development of the industry.

    Exhibition 11th IGPE 2020 show traditionally grown crops in China, cereals, bean, oilseeds, including organic, import grain, wide selection of products from corn, including pastry, pasta and cereals, oil, and the latest harvesting equipment, agricultural and food processing equipment / processing of grain and grain products and food.

    Along these exhibitions will:
    INIE 2020 -11th China (Beijing) Int’l Nutrition Food & Health Food Industry Expo;
    IND 2020 11th China (Beijing) Int’l Cereals, Oils, Foodstuffs & Packaging Machinery Expo – Imported Equipment Expo.

    Country, city: China, Beijing

    Place: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)

    Periodicity: annually 2010 p

    Dates: 26.10.2020 – 28.10.2020

    Organizers: Yonghong International Expo (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

    before going to check information about the exhibition on its official website

    Major product groups: ♦ Grain: wheat, rice, maize, coarse grains (other than wheat and rice), imported grain, organic wheat, organic rice, organic feed grain, breeding varieties and seeds, etc.. ♦ Food cereals: Pastry Food Products , food from rice, soy products, Sunset in, potatoes and potato products, cereals for quick cooking, fast food and cereal grains, grain food ingredients for soups, pastries and sweets Grains, Chinese chestnut, corn syrup, vegetable juice, dairy products from corn, pastries with corn and cereals, fried and canned cereals, Integrated Grain Foods, import grain foods, therapy and clinical nutrition from grains, Frozen cereals, appetizers and snacks from corn, Traditional foods from cereals and grains, etc.. ♦ Chinese brands cereals, clean food, which is in demand and popularity of food, candy corn and flour, candy corn, etc.. ♦ oilseeds and their products. ♦ Equipment for grain and food industry, Automatic lines for the production of wheat, corn, rice flour, croup, starch, production lines for manufacturing and drying noodles, pasta, machines for dough, white rice sorters, machines and equipment for grinding rice / grains, polished white rice, rice milling equipment, Electric sieve, Centrifugal cleaning sieve, effective magnetic separators, Circular air separators, crusher, grinders raw materials, granulators, machines for silage, ginning equipment, dryer, winnowing, granaries and warehouses, fumigation system, ventilation systems, machines for grain supply, Filling machines, Automated control systems processing grain and oilseeds, etc.. ♦ Technologies and equipment for deep processing of wheat, maize, soybean, coarse grains, transformation and recycling of resources, waste oil disposal by product, efficient use of feed grains and green fodder processing technology, systems and equipment for grain storage, transportation equipment, download – unloading, software and managing information systems in modern logistics, agricultural machines, etc..


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