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    Асоціація Українсько-Китайського Співробітництва продовжує збір і відправку в КНР медичних масок


    🌏 Безоплатно була відправлена ​​в Китай додаткова партія масок в кількості 62 205 pcs. Вантаж з масками був замитненний в Борисполі і вилетів в Шанхай 26 February 2020 p

    To date, the goods have arrived in Shanghai. Production will be transferred to a partner in China, which will work to spread throughout the territory of China.

    This batch was collected and transferred directly to its management association.

    AUKS continues to monitor the situation in China, and assist in the fight against coronavirus together with caring organizations and employees of member companies AUKS.

    ℹ According to the Ministry of Health, as of 02.03.2020, registered in the world infected 89 073 male, dead 3 048 people, recovered and discharged from medical facilities 45 095 male. On 2 March – No coronavirus in Ukraine.

    A photo: AFP


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